Small family travel

The history of a family holiday with beautiful pictures.
There is a lot of pictures and letters, please do not break, the end indicated.

6-00 - departure from Petrozavodsk, car, wife and two children, like, all picked up ...
The first stop on the territory of Suomi in the snack, drink, pee, someone that.
An-2 as a local landmark.

Check with the card, these are found on almost every parking lot on the territory of Finland. We still have 40 kilometers to the place. The journey (800 km) with all the stops of 11 hours.

A couple of days in Helsinki on shopping trips - the prerogative of the wife, and here it is - the ferry Silja Line up Stogkolma

We waved Helsingfors shores and enjoy the views of the Baltic Sea




panorama of the city

Almost simultaneously with Silja Line is a Viking, by the way, Silja has not impressed us, in my opinion Viking pleasant and comfortable.


Island - a fortress Suomenlinna

Submarine wartime

Since the journey was aimed at children, the description of the ferry will be in terms of children's razvlekuh ...

room watching cartoons

video - on every screen set certain game to play for 20 minutes, then move on to another screen, but it is the people ... when we played at all, and for a long time.

ship to ship

Pleasant live music for some reason I recalled the picture of the Titanic ...

7 and 6 held promenade deck - bars, restaurants, cafes, shops slot machines in numerous scenes, a photo exhibition, game rooms and more.

kids really liked the glass elevators if I had to go up or down (even on one floor), it is only by elevator.

Symbol Silja - Mumm troll called him Belfa small hippo, then still recognized him Mummy

After a relatively quiet night, coming on deck, we admire the shores of Stockholm


scurrying between the different islands of the court - here the ferry as the main means of transportation between the numerous islands.

my family - the girl from the k / f "CallĀ»

Output from the ferry - to whom much, and the dogs in a separate queue

Further our path lay to the bus station in Stockholm. Very quickly, we orient, where we need to, and headed for the subway entrance to which is inconspicuous, and even the absence of the usual letter M confusing

here it is the Swedish metro - tunnel Cat. Is the name of the whole metro in Sweden - Tunnelbana

check with card, focus on the countryside and just look around




near the bus station - International Fair, but we have no time

Here and buses going to the airport Skavsta, go to 1, 5 hours, a distance of about 100 km

during the trip we do a couple of shots - central post office building in Stockholm


Arriving at the airport before the flight is still plenty of time - lunch in the cafe, we look around, take pictures ...

bedded smoking room, it does not seem tight space, and even the smell of a step away from it I can not ... that's the same as

Do not think for airline advertising, but such a placard hanging at the airport where you can fly the aircraft of that company. We need the airport of Girona, in Spain

in fact, sit on a plane and fly !!!

soared perfectly

relaxing, detail harvested until landing

it was cloudy

at the bottom of the ship is sailing, you can see

Here it is, Spain, for us!

landing was soft

take a taxi ride to the hotel, the Platja d'Aro

Our aparthotel Terumal Park - a quiet hotel with 40 rooms

Bay a 4-minute walk away. Here we settled for sun and sea bathing.

city, resort, though in essence, very clean, cozy and friendly. Moving away from the tourist center ran into courtyards of the local population, hidden from view of onlookers.

the whole city is paved with beautiful tiles neat


main street


footpaths along the coast

Ancient Roman settlement


Shop for fans of FC Barcelona. Where do without it ...

Meanwhile, in the court of September 5 ... fall, gentlemen (outside +30)

walks along the sea became our favorite time Activity evenings



Sea and rocks - here for what we were going to Spain


view of the city beach Platja d'Aro

trails for extreme walking

sparing no effort, we climbed almost all the nearby coast

after walking the children with pleasure instantly fell asleep in his bedroom

and we waited with his beloved romantic dinner

in the city of a great number of children's playgrounds, they are all different, very clean and safe for children. Our carousing there in full.


We visited the local Central Park, cheap rides, music, fun and sweets. What else is needed for children's happiness



not too lazy climbed the nearest hill, filmed all the beauty of the city with a bird's eye





Night Platja d'Aro with the same height

Consult timetables, decided to visit the nearby town of Palamos

some interesting sculptures

Palamos is the geographic center of the Costa Brava. The small town, which has grown around the port, known since the time of the Sicilian war (XIII c.). Currently, fishing and pleasure port of Palamos is the second most important in Catalonia.

in Palamos has 2 ports, the number of yachts in them, suggests the idea that every family in Palamos has at least one yacht

In Palamos well preserved historical part of the city, it is a distinctive flavor of the old Spanish settlement.

Today, in the old town there are many shops, souvenir shops, bars, small cozy cafes and fine restaurants.

Maritime Museum of Palamos - the theme of fisheries (who caught than catch that catch as catch, etc.)



photograph from under the counter, as photo video prohibited


Boat Museum, admission is free.


in the form of a team always ready to pose in front of numerous cameras

September 11 - National Day of Catalonia

on the streets of the fair, tasting everything he can sell all that you can ... well, we pretty spend the day

here are the guests arrive to us at the light

lizards on the way to the beach

crab on the beach

Our neighbor cat Italian gangsters, had called his boss. We did not realize it was his name, or the essence of

And finally, local Aborigines - Spanish Kote. Himself a lover Koshak, so that these things could not get around the animal care

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Behind this otklanivayus. The return trip took place in the same Makarov, a lot of pictures, if you are interested in something specific - ask. Thank you for attention!



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