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March 12, 1927 gunmen from the American group Flatheads made a first ever attack on an armored money transport. Raiders mine laid in the path of an armored car, and then use a kind word and a gun facilitated his safe a hundred-plus thousand dollars. So exactly 75 years ago, crime in world history has opened a new chapter.

The car has become a familiar part of our everyday lives and we have completely forgotten that once all machines associated with a first time. We decided to recall some not so important how much fun and sometimes unexpected episodes. We hope you will also be interesting.

Dura lex, sed lex (The law is harsh, but it is the law)

If we started a story with a car robbery, and then continue the criminal chronicle. Probably the most famous and certainly the most romanticized criminals of the 20th century considered Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker. For several years this sweet couple terrorized States, robbing banks, car theft and killing for fun. All that ended May 23, 1934, when Bonnie and Clyde were arranged in a police ambush. Servants of the order did not stand on ceremony, turning stolen Ford V-8 Fordor notorious spouses in a natural sieve. By the way, the same car is now put on public display at the Museum of Bonnie and Clyde, which is Gibslende, Texas.

Famous Bonnie and Clyde, and Ford V-8 Fordor, where they were overtaken by the fate

Over time, history lovers, murderers, thanks to Hollywood, become almost the ideal in a romantic relationship. Even so, at least there is no doubt that these events actually took place. That, by the way, can not be said about the first accident involving a self-propelled carriage.

The same Ford is now the main exhibit of a museum dedicated to the most famous bandits 30s

Generally, it is believed that the first accident occurred in the spring of 1771, when the French engineer Nicolas-Joseph Kunio steam tractor on its own design lost control of the streets of Paris and crashed into a wall armory. According to eyewitnesses, "the blow steam boiler broke with fixtures and exploded with a terrible roar." It remains to be surprised that no one was hurt in this case. All this is great, of course. Here are the latest historical research cast doubt on, if not the very existence of the steam wand Kunio, then, in any case, his ability to move independently. So it is probably no accident in Paris was not, in the spring of 1771, anyway.

Modern copy of a steam tractor Nicolas-Joseph Kunio. Some believe that this unit was responsible for the very first accident, while others questioned whether he could ever go

The first victim of universal motorization - and certainly it is known for certain - in 1832 he became one of the drivers, firemen steam omnibuses Sir Walter Hancock, who died because of the explosion of the boiler. However, do not rush to curse the devil's cunning technique. A report of the medical examiner says - the explosion occurred as a result of the blunder of the driver. He intends to switch fixed the pressure control valve wire, evidently wishing to disperse the omnibus to a record speed ... So, today, the poor man handed the award to Darwin. Posthumously, as usual.

The first victim of technological progress has become the operator of the steam omnibus Enterprise

The very first time

"Sir, you are behaving irresponsibly! So scorcher in broad daylight! Alas, I have to arrest you. ┬╗

Since May 20, 1899 a policeman by the name of Schuller went down in history, holding a taxi driver Jacob Germana for the very first speeding. By today's standards, Jacob, however, is hardly allowed himself too much - in fact on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, he raced at a speed of 20 km / h. Characteristically, the police arrest the criminals he was moving on a bicycle!
Incidentally, the first arrest for driving under the influence occurred even earlier, to be precise - September 10, 1897. Police do not need any alkotestetry - from Briton George Smith smelled a mile away. Fortunately, if the fault scored shoferyugi no one was hurt, but over time drunk drivers have become a real plague road. Each year, only fault of their own in the world killed tens of thousands.

One of the first accidents

First enterprising citizen, guess to earn road carting, or, quite simply, the taxi driver should be considered as the German Friedrich Greiner, which is June 26, 1886 ordered the Daimler Victoria, additionally equipped with a taximeter.

The same Daimler Victoria, considered the world's first taxi

But the characteristic yellow color of most of the world we must taksmotorov Walden Shaw and John (urozhennomu Chandor) Hertz, which had in 1910 organized a private taxi cab company on equal footing. After a while the companions decided to paint their cars in a noticeable yellow color that has taken root. By the way, John Hertz is also the founder of the largest car rental offices, existing to this day.

Yellow taxi we owe company Yellow Cab Co., founded by notorious Sandor Hertz

Laura first regular public transport routes, if not forgotten, belong to the British Hancock and steam omnibuses. But the bus service using vehicles with internal combustion engines began March 18, 1895. It was then that the bus company Benz & Co. I began to ply the route Siegen-Netphen-Deutz. However, special popularity among locals route is not won, and in December the same year, regular communication was interrupted "due to severe weather conditions and unforeseen technical problems┬╗.

But, despite this temporary setback, the iron horse steadily supplanted horse literally on all fronts. So much so that the January 15, 1909 in the funeral procession in Chicago for the first time performed the function hearse car - before his last journey citizens were doing exclusively on cartage.

The world's first bus with ICE - Benz 1895

Many have heard that the official birthday of the car is considered to be January 29, 1886, when Karl Benz has issued a patent for a three-wheeled "Motorenvagen 'own design. But "Ingosstrakh", "Intouch", "Renaissance" and other car insurance companies may well be considered a professional holiday of February 1. On this day 114 years ago, Travelers Insurance Company of Hartford (CT) has offered insurance services to motorists. The first customer was a certain Dr. Truman Martin of Buffalo, $ 11 buys a policy at the expense of civil liability in the amount of $ 5-10 thousand. Only 27 years later, the authorities of Massachusetts recognized insurance mandatory "for some categories of motorists." Today, the auto industry is truly global and that would say there is not one of the most profitable in terms of profitability trends of insurance.

Numbered signs also become mandatory sooner insurance. Back in 1901 the state government of New York demanded mandatory car owners to acquire number plate, which specifies the name and address and the name of the model. Pleasure costs one dollar. In total in 1901 the state treasury replenished by $ 954. Almost immediately picked up the new craze in Europe - starting from September 30 th 1901, France introduced compulsory registration for all machines that can accelerate faster than 30 km / h.

London's first traffic light installed near Westminster Abbey



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