Why electric cars on the roads still a little?

About seven years ago, the U.S. President encouraged the emergence of a million electric vehicles on the roads of this country by 2015. Manufacturers of electric cars received a number of preferences, and they themselves of electric vehicles with the passage of time, a large number of fans. Really — no emissions, gasoline or diesel fuel is not necessary to spend money. The owner seems to be some advantages. While a number of major brands have already released or are releasing their own electric cars. We do not recall Tesla Motors, with its more than ambitious plans.

So how many electric cars now on the roads in America? It turns out, not one million, not two million, a total of 330 thousand. What? Why? It turns out it's not the high price of individual electric vehicles or other reasons. The main stumbling block — car dealers. They just don't want to sell electric cars, enthusiasm among dealers about this much less than others.

Representatives of large companies that sell cars, often criticized electric cars. So, in his speech, the representative of the National Automobile Dealers Association said that only 14% of car buyers concerned about fuel economy, and even less people who when buying a car pays attention to its "green" characteristics. In the salons of the sellers of cars often don't know the stroke limit of an electric vehicle on a single battery charge, many even persuade the buyers to purchase conventional cars, rather than their electric competitors.

Interestingly, in California, the most "sicovam" the state of the US is now about 50% of the total population of electric vehicles in the United States. Here at road riding 150 thousand electric cars.

What is the reason that dealers do not like cars? And that with each sold electric vehicle, the dealer gets less than automobiles with internal combustion engines. While efforts to conclude a contract with the manufacturer is required more. Plus, the electric car requires minimum maintenance, which deprives the dealer of another source of income — service center. Maybe the niche is occupied by electric vehicles, and develops, but the dealers still at least enthusiastic about it.

Electric cars there are drawbacks, of course. This lack of reserve on a single battery (most models, only about 140 km), and the absence of a deployed infrastructure elektronaradim stations. Plus, in hot regions, the same California, the air conditioning quickly depletes the energy reserves in the battery, and is capacious enough. And when you consider the higher price, then the electric vehicle becomes a transport is not for everyone.

The car has advantages. In many countries of Europe and the United States the cost of a standard middle class car is $10000-$15000, and the state often subsidize production. Evolyutsioniruet internal combustion engine, automobile manufacturers are trying to lower fuel costs for most car models.

All this is the arguments presented by the dealer to the buyer. While such arguments are difficult to argue, right? Sometimes comes to the fact that the buyer must convince the seller of the car to sell it is electric and not a regular car.

A study conducted in 2013 showed that owners of electric cars are much less satisfied with the performance of sellers, than owners of conventional cars, recently bought his "iron horse". Some sellers even say that electric vehicles are not available, despite the fact that often it is not.

One of the sellers of BMW said that he himself is committed to the idea of electric cars. But most of the sellers in detail the study features dozens of models of different cars, just don't have the desire to learn more and electric cars, the profits of which the sale and still less than the profit from the sale of the car.

The representative of Nissan said that the dealer might sell two conventional car in the same time and with less effort than in the case of sales of Leaf.

According to the National Automobile Dealers Association, dealers get three times more profit from service than from sales of cars. And since electric cars require much less maintenance and a profit from them — nothing at all. But sometimes, auto dealers are trying to present a package of services for electric vehicles. For example, Robert Kast, bought the Volkswagen e-Golf, talks about the proposal of the seller to package the oil change, fixing belt and water pump for $15 a month.

Anyway, until the situation in the sphere of sales of cars will not change, no significant increase in the number of electric cars, however. Perhaps not so wrong Elon Musk, who is not working with dealers, Tesla sells directly to those States where it is not prohibited.


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