One day, a glamorous favorite

I come to work, do not have time to undress, like me runs employee of our company:
 - Igor! We need your help urgently!
 - What do you do again? To send a file on Skype have to turn on the UPS, monitor and kopm ...
 - Yes / No, I have terrible!
I think, well, not terrible consequences of a campfire under the windows Dep. POLICE.
Hands shaking hands, the most coveted gadget of all the planets in our shkololo ...
 - What is this?
 - Jam SIM card, the husband tried to get - only half the tray out.
 - Bullshit! SchA do everything ... (As it turned out, I got excited ...)

I myself do not spetsovy repairman, money that I do not earn, but as well for a narrow range can help with simple repairs. Here soldering or anything not necessary, replace parts as there is no need to get a sim card. I start to understand a bizarre outlandish device ...
With 4koy I stalknulsya the first time, remove the cover and thought: I wish I was just sitting on Yap.
Looks into mobile and "soorientiruysya the sky. If the sky is imposed by clouds means that soon the morning. If the asphalt is imposed then, the sky on the other side. If the sky is white you might have at home. If the tiled - in the drunk tank. If the sky is at hand, and wood - a very bad sign "... Ass.

I spent a broken 2 hours raskurochil entire tube and picking his way and that - did not give the tray.
To remove the need to pull out the tray charge to pull the tray to be removed charge ... I'm confused. He knocked on the table of the fall pipe piece of plastic (a small, one that pictured near Simcoe) ... Out tray. MICRO SIm! And who would know.
Content and angry as the whole of China, recalling Jobs (honestly - he was a good guy) is going kitayskoKanadskoe child. Returning hostess, her husband gave heartfelt greetings and recommend neRukaZhopyh find a companion for "cutting" sim.

And traditionally remained bolt and xs it, but time will tell poor reception WIFI or GSM :-)
That's all I wanted to say.



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