Monkey smashed house in search of food

In South Africa, a group of young people tried in vain to get rid of aggressive primates zalezshih the house of their neighbors through a small window.

A group of young residents of the resort town of Bettys Bay in the province in the southwest of South Africa has witnessed an unusual burglary dwelling house of their neighbors pack of baboons.

In the eyes of men agile primates, one by one made their way into unoccupied dwelling at the time of the incident through a small window on the top floor.

An eyewitness, who shot everything on camera, Howard James Five rushed to call the police and the owner of the house. But first, I decided to try to drive the intruders on their own with the help of his friends.

 - We contacted the owner and he gave us permission to enter the house. There we waited for the moment massacre - said Five.

Inside the building, the baboons had to arrange a spectacular mayhem, climbing almost all the rooms. On one of the recording frame can be seen as a person trying to drive out of the bathroom aggressive monkey with a mop.

Locals say that this is not the first attack on the houses of primates. Pets unceremoniously break into people in search of food.


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