The underground submarine base in Zhayshene

Today we visit the submarine base in Zhayshene. Such bases on a tiny island about four, they were built in the period from 1960 to 1970, when relations between the PRC and Taiwan threatened to go out of border clashes and shootings in the full-scale war. One of these bases a few years ago the military was abolished and transferred to the Civil Administration, and they have opened an object for tourism. As already discussed in the article about the line of coastal defense and about the system of tunnels under the city Chincheng in the north-west of the island for more than 60 years, Taiwan holds several small islands just ten kilometers from the Chinese coast. Tens of thousands of people have died over the years in the course of trying to knock China Taiwan troops from the island. From this it becomes clear why o.Kinmen considered one of the most militarized places in the world.

This tunnel, whose construction was completed in 1966, has two intersecting "sleeve", one 386 meters long and the second 101 meters. In my time here refuge to 40 small missile boats, a 3-4 diesel submarines. Below is a site map, installed at the entrance -

Because the object has become a tourist, it was created a small museum of military equipment

Entering the tunnel wear helmets


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