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That's the story I heard in the program "The investigation is conducted"! We have all read the book, or at least watched a film about the famous "Hound of the Baskervilles." And then it turns out that the events with a very similar story occurred in our landscape. You could even say that in this case the plot more twisted, pohlesche konondoylovskogo doggie will.
Well, there is still a slight difference - "Hound of the Baskervilles" is a figment of imagination of the famous writer and the story really happened, evidenced by the materials of the criminal case.
Retold here briefly this case, judge for yourself how unusual it is. If I had read about this in the book, I would say that the author is too rich fantasy life and that does not happen. But it turns out, still happens.
So, the action takes place in 1988 in the small village of Nikolskoye. One evening, the couple Alexeenko lost ten year old son Misha. After a week in the forest find scraps of rags in which parents Misha identify his clothes. Himself Misha will not find ever.
But that was only the beginning of a terrible history.

No one can even guess not what had happened to the boy, as soon as the local forester Ivan Kukin gave police evidence that in the forest at night wandering around some unknown great beast. They say to him KUKIN, not once had to meet in the forest body torn animal.
But then no one believed forester. The fact that it was considered a local fool. By the way, except not quite good intelligence, Kukin was crippled - limp and barely used with one hand.

However, a few days later a forester and he became a victim of the beast. He ran to the village covered in blood, begging for help. At the accident was literally gnawed one hand. Later he told me that he was attacked by a creature taller than him and it was like, he said, a cross between a bear with a wolf. However, Ivan again not much to believe.
But a few days later there was an event that made everyone believe that the stories about the forester unprecedented animal, are without foundation.
At nightfall, the couple Alekseenko, parents of the missing boy, had a falling out between himself and his wife Elena went to sleep for parents. She decided to take the short road that runs back yard and gardens ...
The next morning Constantine, her husband went to her to return home to his wife. He went to the same short cut, where his wife was found dead.
A forensic medical examination concluded that the injuries were inflicted Elena teeth large predators - most likely a large dog or a wolf.

A few days later the police came Constantine, a man who lost his wife and child, and says that the one thing the night comes straight to his house. The police advised the frightened man to call if they see something suspicious and escorted him out of office. Constantine did not even have time to say that he has no phone. A run to the phone at the center of the village, where in the yard waiting for your four-legged killer is not very handy.
It is difficult to say how things would go investigate if the case does not fall into the hands of the young investigator Sergei Balabanov. He immediately suggested that the disappearance of the child and his mother's death links of one chain, say someone wants to exhaust the entire family Alekseenko, but authorities even banned him develop this version. However, he did not abandon it at your own risk.
Balabanov began by explaining the details of private life of the family.
And then we started to open up fascinating facts. Constantine and Helen were married when they were 20 years old. But the child was born to them only 10 years after marriage. Several unusual fact for the time.
And then it came to light yet another very curious circumstance. The house went to Constantine from his uncle. A young child's uncle made this woman who later married another man. So, this child turned out to be the wife of Constantine Elena. Thus, it was found out that the husband and wife were both cousins. But they are so much in love with each other, it could not prevent them to start a family.

That would explain why they were afraid to have a child, incest is still a dangerous thing. But why 10 years had feared, and then suddenly decided?

Balabanov realized that you need to dig here. And soon, from the mother of Helen, he managed to find out that in fact the couple after the wedding Alexeenko son. Boy, she said, he was a freak, and died a few hours after birth. Misha, their missing child, in fact, it was not native. They just adopted him.
That same evening, when Balabanov discovered this family secret, in the house of Constantine Alexeenko again there was another terrible accident. Kostya, who was afraid to stay home alone, gathered at his friends and made something like a wake. In the evening, one of the guests decided to go home, but after a moment after he left the house, the company heard a bloodcurdling scream. When all ran into the street, they saw a wounded guest - his hand was torn to shreds. He roams the house of Constantine beast attacked him.
Then Balabanov decides to spend the night in the house Alekseenko. A couple of nights were calm, but on the third he heard the rustle of the windows and furtive steps. Out on the street he saw a mysterious figure with a gun in his hand. Between figure and police clash occurred, which resulted in the Balabanov was forced to shoot from an unknown issue weapons. Unknown turned forester Ivan Kukin.
However, there was no question it is no way Kukin was in the hospital, unconscious. When he came to, he just could not speak. The investigator failed to interview Ivan only ten days. Kukin showed that wanted to hunt down the terrible beast and kill him, but instead got a police bullet. Balabanov felt uncomfortable, yet he almost sent to the light of an innocent man.
After that, the investigator began exploring biographies Alexeenko couple's adopted son, hoping to find a thread for further investigations. And it turned out that his real mother was killed by his biological father. Then the father went to prison for the murder of his wife and the boy in an orphanage, where he was adopted by Helen and Konstantinom.Na photo Egor Shumili, biologichksky father Misha, a bandit.

But the child's biological father, Yegor Shumilin, after serving eight years, appeared to Alexeenko to pick up his son. Konstantin with the help of neighboring peasants chased the intruder. Thus, Shumilin had a motive to kill his family, who adopted his child. Especially as it became clear that he was living nearby in one of the neighboring villages.
Balabanov was sure Shumilin is criminal and went with another policeman on his detention. Seeing investigator Shumilin opened fire, but the police officers was injured employee.
The house Shumilin discover things from clothing store robbery during which the murder was committed caretaker. So why Shumilin was feared the police and the family in addition to Alekseenko. However, it later became clear that the events took place in St. Nicholas, he has nothing. It seemed that the investigation was stalled.
Then Balabanov rangers decided to gather from all around, and with their help to scour the forest in search of traces of a terrible beast. And so, in the course of these searches it was found in windbreaks delicate passage. Once you get over it people saw the hut.
Once inside, investigators found muzzles, whips with traces of blood, collars. It became clear that here was the lair of the beast and its owner. It was here that animal coached kill people.
But who was this master? The answer to this question gave the photo hanging on the wall. The photo showed a woman with a boy, apparently a mother and son. The boy identified forester Ivan Kukina.

Kukin was again detained, but he realized that he had discovered, the forester no longer utter a word.
Then Balabanov went to the woman depicted in the photo of the secret hut, the mother of Ivan Kukina. And she told him that Ivan was her adopted son. Woman working in an orphanage, and has decided to adopt a cripple, abandoned by their parents, as it is understood that in addition to her no one would take the family.
On the question of the investigator if she knows who the real parents of her adopted son, the woman answered in the affirmative. Biological parents Kukina wife was ... Alekseenko. On the question of whether he knew about this fact, Ivan, she replied in the affirmative.

Now there was a mosaic.
Elena and Konstantin Vanya Alexeenko refused, telling everyone that their child has died. Many years later they took the education of another boy. When the real son learned about this, he decided to take revenge. Somewhere in the woods, he picked up a puppy dog ​​and a wolf, which grew out of this beast dragged him to smell things that belonged to the family of his biological parents.
Apparently, the purpose of the rejected son's murder was only the foster child who betrayed his parents. By the way, about what happened to the boy so no one knew. His body was never found. And questioning Ivan did not say a word.

Apparently, one day the dog out of control Kukina and attacked the owner himself, then ran into the woods. Only sometimes animals come to the village to kill, going to a familiar smell to it.
After the dog had killed his biological mother, Kukin wanted or kill the dog or just return it back to himself, but shlopotal police bullet.
By the way, the dog, too, was never found, but the more she did not appear in the village.
Kukina failed to imprison - examination found him mentally ill. He was sent to a psychiatric hospital, where he committed suicide two years later.
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