So I circulated the kitchen

Most of us live in such small flats, built in the early '60s. Repairs planned and played the wedding decided to build a life. Engineering implementation of those years are now looked out of place, but then probably in a hurry to come up with anything else they could not and would not. What sculpted the "hut" I'll tell you more ... + work.

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Let's start in order: the window and hood (parallelepiped build-up in the upper-right corner)

It is made of steel coal and smeared with 4 cm layer of plaster ... initially wanted to leave and beat plasterboard, but after decided to demolish ...

incomprehensible closed the gap on the left plasterboard, kosyachki grease on stucco

I spent about an extract of bathrooms

Next on the curtain was room, blew it, and decided to close up ...

... Blocks

We had to get out in different ways by gluing a beacon on the wall ...

up: a window smeared hood pulled down and refined

go to the floor

smear betonokontaktom

impose beacons fill sand concrete

Further tiles

tiles on the ground, covered with polyethylene continued work

there is not the topic ahead of time brought the fridge, had to be put in the center of the repair because The room prolazil

prepared for the installation of a wall apron

10x10 tiles for a long time lecturing since I did everything for the first time

almost ready

I continue to pull the last wall, spending electrician under razetki

lighthouses, plaster, generally, the level = flat wall

It was decided to make a ceiling of plasterboard, hiding under it and all wiring for the light

the ceiling is almost ready

And here is the "mummy" refrigerator floating ceiling and walls after finishing putty - it is dusty !!!

"The Mummy" and plastered surface

collect furniture

Here's what a photo №2 (first post) after pumping

Ceiling lights
decided uvesit

Furniture assembled light work ...

Well, that's what a final version ... the repair faced with engineering "delights" of those years, to be exact: the walls are adjacent to the room and the bathroom, whether made of sand, or granular substances and incomprehensible type gipsa.Vse crumbles, the same wall reinforced with logs yl sliver ...

PSVse done with their own hands, the good father-in superintendent, drove instrument.Ne afraid to start is interesting ... but the result of which he was not all smooth poraduet.Vsem luck !!!



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