Air hockey with his hands.

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Walking on cinemas and shopping centers with the eldest son, and especially his love for the active table games, in particular - air hockey, made me think: and if I do not do anything like that with his own hands? Word for word, humelem of SU-8 ... started ... Today we are going to build air hockey! Gallery is about 45 + video

1. The air duct. For the bottom of the air duct, we need plywood 9 mm, and for the upper four strips of laminate flooring. The size of the box will 1210h770 mm. Cut the desired piece of plywood slightly larger than the size of the laminate (2-3 mm).

2. Strips of laminate are joined together "in a hard hook" provided plates. By the way the laminate was not chosen by chance. Before there were thought to make the foundation of plywood, boards, furniture panels, chipboard / MDF / MDF. But all were rejected because of low strength, softness and material suspected damage during drilling (hole should be small and neat!).

3. Mark up the grid for drilling. From each edge back down to 30 mm (this is the size of each side) and 10 mm in order to avoid making unnecessary holes at the rim. Step between holes chose 20 mm.

4. Take the screwdriver (nuegonahzaebetes) drill and drill 2,200 holes. The diameter of each hole of 1, 5 mm. This is the most time-consuming and tedious step in the construction of the table. She ate about 4 hours of my life, and four drill. 7 drills to use (fast tupilis). Do everything in the bathroom, for srach nemerenno (for laziness then clean). Then awl expanded all holes on the reverse side of the laminate.

5. Bought two rail 45h15 3m and cut into 4 pieces (strictly on the size of plywood). It will have bumpers air ducts.

6. Drill holes in the plywood (required, otherwise it will crack) and the rails and put it all on the screws from the bottom (can be nailed without drilling, but then you have to bite the nails sharp end of wire cutters). Generally, there will have to be drilled to a fig so that the drill you will dream for a long time. Anecdote to this topic: Today, to my neighbor at 3 am ... I'm knocked out of fear a little hammer from the hands not dropped ...

7. Electronics. Roemsya in different computer junk and find six different fan power and the power button.

8. Also take power supply from an old scanner. Characteristics BP: 1 12V, 25A.

9. To summarize the consumption of all fans 0, 25 + 0, 22 + 0, 22 + 0, 12 + 0, 12 + 0, 12 = 1, 05A. Yeah, there is still margin for backlight LEDs gates - it's good!

10. Mark up the holes and place for the fan screws. Drill holes for the fans and mounting holes for these fans.

11. Kote younger son came to help.

12. grind a file edge of the hole and fasten fans. Long strips on the plywood marked with the joints of the laminate sheets.

13. Since the structure turns heavy and the bottom of the table have to be space for air leaks, I bought 5 rubber feet (stops the door). They are made of a very durable rubber, and will help keep the table in a stable position. The photo leg with a screw threaded through it.

14. Fasten the switch and a supply wires from the power supply to it.

15. Read the article about the famous twist and put the fan wires to the terminals. Agree - it is very convenient.

16. flying leads to the gate and sticking tape LED. Payaem and check. Fill solder glue gun.

17. The remainder of the sawing strips 45h15mm 9 pieces and fasten the bottom screws at the seams of the laminate. Also, planting rubber feet on the bottom screws and fasten from inside the nut and lock nut. It turns out that's such a picture. Wire the power supply is included in the table in the lower right corner.

18. Take an ordinary sealant (I have plumbing transparent) and coat with all the cracks around the edges, and the fans on the edge. Also glue loose wires and wire the power supply to the plywood glue gun. "You stuck to the wheel? - Yeah, all night glued. In the morning the owner of the glue will come. © Boomer »

19. It turns out that's it.

20. Buy a rail-rim 30h15 mm 2mh2 pieces. and cut to the desired part of the (strictly on the size of plywood) and reserve a place in the gate. Laminate connect and put on the table previously missed rack attached to the plywood on top of the sealant (also smear all 9 supports under the seams of the laminate). Drill a hole through the whole hamburger and fastened with screws.

21. For the beauty and strength of a side I took two mirror-polished aluminum corner 30h15 mm 2 meters long. Sawed.

22. Try on. By the way, on the left in the photo a great device for the knees - I recommend.

23. Senior Assistant.

24. Then take the adhesive film of similar color.

25. sticking on the perimeter. At the bottom of the stock 1, 5 cm at the top of 0, 5-1 cm.

26. It turns out that's it.

27. The top bracket and the film will be in the double-sided tape (to the plywood and wood do not really stick, but it will keep the area).

28. A bottom print in addition furniture bracket.

29. That's it.

30. General view of the bottom.

31. Fasten the metal brackets to the sides.

32. The children said ready, selected table, demanded bits and washer. I gave play a little bit.

33. Gate. Cut the plywood into several parts.

34. Putting a clamp, drill holes and the screws are screwed.

35. Putting the gate. Try on the table.

36. General view of the gate.

37. Highlighting the gate from the inside in the dark.

38. The design of the gate closer.

39. When checking the gate, with a strong drive gets bounced into the goal from the soft wood (lath) and flew back on the table. To eliminate the defect glue double-sided tape on the remains of the aluminum strips to the inclined rail just outside the gates.

40. Sticking all the same film at the gate. Trim unnecessary.

41. Here we get two such device. I did not hang in the film especially since there is a constant deterioration of the walls of the washer and the film is simply broken. Instead duty carpet in the background observing colorful sofa.

42. Fasten gates on the table. From above they are made with the "door" so that you can easily get the puck. When you close the door on the latch drops / limit switch (normal small screw inside the gate). This "door" is to bounce the puck. It is secured therein aluminum plate.

43. General view of the table.

44. We take bits and washers. As the washer used a small CD and a cover from the lens.

45. The product is ready to eat!

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46. ​​Actually gameplay (children taken away on the stage of construction, the gate):

Production time: a sketch of the plan, reflection, buy all the necessary - 2 days. Postoico 2-3 hours in the evening Wed-Thu-Fri and two full days of Saturday and Sunday. Ie I missed the week.
And probably the most exciting many questions - for the money:
9mm plywood 1525h1525mm - 569 rubles. The remains will be spent on a dollhouse for my daughter / mother.
Laminate - the remains of replacing the floor. There are still - who should write to the PM.
Pencils IKEA - free of charge. They really need a lot when applying grid.
Drills -7 pcs. x 6 rubles = 42 rubles.
Reiki 2h79 rubles = 158 rubles.
Reiki 2h55 rubles = 110 rubles.
Fans - were removed from the various faulty equipment or repairs remained on a PC.
Rubber feet 5h79 rubles = 395 rubles.
Switch (small size) - 180 rubles. I bought a couple of years ago for the dollhouse.
The wire terminals, clamps, glue stick, screws, staples - trivia rubles for 100.
LED Strip Light 12V - 99 rubles. There are still 4 pieces for the dollhouse.
Spray sealant - 100 rubles. Many more left.
Aluminum Area 689 rubh2 = 1378 rubles.
Double-sided tape - 60 rubles.
Film - 119 rubles. 1 meter. More than half are not used.
Bits 2x125 rubles = 250 rubles. Find available Moscow was quite difficult. I know where to buy - write in a personal.
As the first puck was tested 8 cm CD, but was killed on the second day (split). Now we use the cover from the lens.
Help her son x 2 pcs. 1 pc daughter. - Priceless.
Total: 3560 rubles.
The cheapest air hockey in the stores of this size starts from 5-5, 5 thousand.

Fan power is enough for the smooth running of the CD. The cover of the lens holding is not very good, but for heavier "pancakes" we need more fans. Soon buy real air hockey puck and check on it.
In fact the information on the building with their hands in the air hockey online cat laugh, so basically I invented everything himself.
Of course you can save on materials, and it will cost you much cheaper. For example, instead of mirror strips 700 rub. / Pcs. It can be nailed to the sides of the strip of sheet metal, plywood or find in the garbage (savings in 1378 + 569 = 1947 rub.), but I wanted to get a good, high-quality and beautiful product, which I achieved.
That's all I wanted to say. Thank you!



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