Air hockey - DIY (46 pics + 1 video)

All fans of the popular game of air hockey have to like this post.
One craftsman decided to please his son, who loves active board games.
He fashioned his own hands an air hockey table.
Let's look at his work.

1. Air duct. To the lower part of the air we require plywood boxes 9 mm, while the upper four strips of laminate flooring. The size of the box will 1210h770 mm. Cut the desired piece of plywood slightly larger than the size of the laminate (2-3 mm).

2. laminate strips are interconnected "in hard hook" provided plates. Incidentally laminate not chosen by chance. Before there were thought to make the basis of plywood, boards, furniture panels, chipboard / MDF / MDF. But all were rejected due to low strength and softness of the material suspected damage during drilling (the holes should be small and flat!).

3. Mark up the grid for drilling holes. From each edge back down to 30 mm (this is the size of each side) and 10 mm in order not to make any unnecessary holes in the border. Step chose between holes 20 mm.

4. Take a drill and drill 2,200 holes. The diameter of each hole of 1, 5 mm. This is the most time-consuming and tedious operation in the construction of the table. She ate about 4 hours of my life, and four drill. Total 7 drills used (fast tupilis). Did everything in the bathroom, for a mess nemerenno (since then remove laziness). Then awl expanded all openings on the back side of the laminate.


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