At the FSB spends our money

Writes starshinazapasa:

I'll tell you what the FSB is spending our money. First hand. Personally present. Background is as follows. This weekend Olga Romanova celebrated his birthday in a famous pub in the city center. And called us with Vadim Korovin - to learn from the experience by trolling prosecutors and courts with their illegal parking and chop off pieces of the streets.
Arrived. We sat and drank and talked. It was very cool. Warm company of like-minded. You know, when there is a feeling that you are - at home. In his family. When you see someone for the first time in my life, but once you understand that he - his. And you feel in response to that person also glad to see you. I'm glad to see you. No way, just like that. Him from you nothing. He's just glad that you - together. When I smile Mokhnatkin and Mokhnatkin smiles at me - we both know that it sincerely.
A very important sense of community, by the way. Which I recently was not enough.
After some time, a man approached me and asked if my thugs in four cars stand at the entrance.
14 photos + video

I was surprised. Indeed, at one time everyone involved in the preparation of the sixth of May Manezhke, grazed. Including me. Grazed pretty tough. With the use of technical innovations and even with the assistance of "submarine", which spent the night in the courtyard of my friends. "Submarine" - is a packed with cameras, directional microphone, monitor, and other spy equipment of last generation minivan based on the "Ford". He even from the roof of a periscope with cameras around six feet extended. Serious stuff. This I'm not kidding - it really was.
But no spying on me I no longer feel. Well, or began to work professionally. And then - for me, that's what to watch? Here I am - I stand before you, as if in ispodnitse. All my blog at a glance. I spit on their censorship.
I went to see. Indeed, the two cars (where two gone, I do not know) insolently, quite openly, parked on the second page, there are defiantly, right in front, even emergency gang is not included.

One packed to capacity, the second - two. All the young guys gopovatogo species. Behave aggressively. Waved his pen in response - grimassy hatred and flow of battle through bared teeth. What is it saying it was not audible, as he dropped his glass, but it is clear that something like: "Che, in a cast for a long time no one was?»
Well, it is clear psychological pressure. That life did not seem raspberries.

Back. Another sat and drank. "Guinness", by the way, they have a wonderful. For a long time in Moscow have not tried this. Almost like in Ireland. It should be noted spot.

Korovin say that arrived fsbshniki. Well, Vadim only reason to give. Takes the camera, rise up, go out. He begins to photograph them. Quite openly, never steaming. Removes machine room, trying to remove the person. Opera sit watching, removed in response to the DVRs. Persons especially do not hide - so the sun visors only lowered and all.
One that the eyeballs with aggressive Gopnik - here it is, in the passenger seat:

Second, where two:

Rooms near Moscow, by the way:


Back. Another sat and drank. About the "Guinness" I have already said yes? So. With us was another English correspondent. I do not remember any of the newspapers, something known. In colors tell the whole story:

And he asks to show him fsbshnikov. Yes, no question. What else is in Moscow for foreign guests to show how you are not watching opera? It is in Paris Eiffel Tower and Big Ben in London, and Moscow's main attractions - gebuha, has long been known.
Word for word, la-la-poplar, eventually decided to go to the opera to watch almost everything.
To go out crowd of people in fifteen and just plain begin to mock. I do not know how in Rio de Janeiro, but such a sneer, trolling, joy, laughter and fun, as the day on Chistoprudny Boulevard in the center of Moscow - on this side of the ocean was not yet. Visit Moscow and sfotkatsya with cops - still did not go. PAR activist Vadim Korovin and foreign correspondent at work:

Opera does not take into account one important thing. They have lost sight of the fact that Romanov - is not kreakly Swamp. They did not take into account the simple point that Romanov - Russia is sitting. Not in terms of its organization with the name "Russia sitting", and in the fact that neither has a direct sense of who served Russia. They did not consider that the pub is not going to office plankton, and those who understand life and smokes "Accept". That every second in this company has its hapnul. And the cops here a special attitude. Its atmosphere and their scores. And nobody has long since not afraid.
Such as Petro retsedivist five salable who do not care about all these cops en masse and individually, and that, in my opinion, generally only show the direction of "opera there" - he was doing stand.
Seeing spill out of the tavern merry company, which in their КГБ-ФСБ-корочки-бастрыкиных-стечкиных-экстремизм-ЦентрЭ-сроки-бутырку and others do not care, opera became not so self-confident. It is not so self-confident:

As they tried to hide, My God! As they climbed under the steering rack and face covered hands! As they are afraid of their own people for you! The same people who are - well, the idea of ​​something! - And are designed to protect. And they, taking advantage of its negligible vlastishkoy, shoved in the cells and kill mops and bottles of champagne, and at the slightest resistance rounded up in the Maritimes Forest shelves special forces with tanks and helicopters - as they are afraid of the people themselves, being with him face to face!
There is no powerful gebuhi, believe me. In their bickering for the loot they managed prosrat even gebuhu. They are strong but our fear. Solely to our fear. We do feed them and do them that fear cultivate.
And when there is no fear - they run. Jump as saiga, fifteen people with cameras.
Unfortunately, the photos I have not much - no one just was not prepared for such an eventuality, but take my word.
This is just Petrukhina pictures. He stood with his camera right in front of the car and started taking pictures.
Seeing this turn of events in kenguruhe friend decided it was time to dump. Out of fear hit the gas. And hoisted in front of him on the hood Petrukha.
Petro fell. But did not move. And do not stop shooting. Rose to his feet again, he blocked the exit and continued to click. And took off the moment when this figure with Ofigevshy face in an attempt to escape presses his second:

Then I got mad already. Curtain I quickly fall. Still, two concussions in the head. Light, however, as a feather, but - two. Therefore, blood blisters in my eyes instantly boils - I do not know when it will happen.
Flies up to the car and with all his strength, in full swing, it is not sparing hand, beat his hand on the hood. Shouted something, of course, something like: "Yes, you ohereli bastards, why are you doing, people push, bitches!"
And here the girl was frightened. Second, that with him in the passenger seat was - was (wanted to write "girl", but could not) maid of twenty-five. And she was afraid. Truly.
This girl screaming. Face contorted. Hatred just splashing on glass. Long time since I have not seen such aggression already. Very unprofessional work comrades. Generally, in recent years this has become bestial aggression occur more and more often. Downright poured into the country. Something happened, some another point of no return, we again passed. Flicked the switch. Even a year ago, this was not. Very bad sign, by the way.
The guy is reversing and, in my opinion, hitting the car behind it. I do not remember. But if someone found this morning on Chistoprudny Boulevard their cars with dented bumpers - us, there are witnesses. I think I struck again. Also do not really remember. Anyway, the video is heard two hits.
I remember that I wanted to start already flailing foot on the door, but stopped this is now a woman's face. Load some instinct yet. With the women, we are not at war.
Nevertheless, even to fifteen seconds, and we would have to turn the car. Sure. Matured. Do not push people to hell because.
The guy in the kenguruhe is also understood Petrukha hoisted on the hood for the third time, then all the same twisted and screeched to slip and sped away into the dark distance.
I think those four that were in the first car, came to the aid of his colleague? Nothing of the sort. Ushurshali in the dark distance first, even before him.
Do not be afraid of you. The law - even the law, which they distort as they could, to distort, distort, but not completely mangled, even this poverty enraged printer - is still on our side. And all the more true. They are afraid of us. Because they know that they are acting outside the law.
Go at least once to Triumfalku. Not to lemon or protest. Just to ... "Children of Iron Gods" were all looking? So, in order to "give Bekbulatke times vdarit pokrepshe - afraid of the pain stop." Give you them yourself once in a paddy wagon to carry - you will no longer fear them. The fear is gone. And you yourself will be easier to live. Much easier. Believe me.
As my company commander: "Do not be chicken, guys. The main thing - no one be chicken ».
They feed only our fear.
Keep this in mind.

Returning to the topic of the post. At the FSB spends with you our budget money.
Russia at a rate of Express flies to trash civil war. Country bursting at the seams, and unraveling. Theft reached gigantic, just not seen until now scales. Billions of dollars go abroad and settle on Cyprus offshore. Banditry thrives. Kuschevka almost every village. Obscurantism pouring streams of all outlets. Education destroyed. Science destroyed. Technology destroyed. Some bandits with "Stechkin" in a day kidnap businessmen. In the basement of the store are undocumented slaves. Fundamentalism rushing stream. Drugs trade in the open. Cops kryshujut brothels and narkotochki. Explosions and attacks have become the stability of our life.
Than at this time engaged in the Federal Security Service?
Footprints in the four cars for birthday Olga Romanova.
Where two are gathered together in my name ...
Hello, andropovschina!

It is unlikely that they were eshniki, by the way. Perhaps it was not even established fsbshniki and some hired their informer. I think this institution is reviving again. Or some graduates or students of the Academy of the FSB. Homework, so to speak. Anyway, all entirely young boys so a girl in the area of ​​twenty-five - thirty. And it is extremely unprofessional.
Do not work.
Well, the epic video of this action. Then less than a minute, but the atmosphere passes completely. I was there a little matter, for which I apologize - broke, it happens.

Then we went to another pub where former frontman IFK, and now the lead singer of the duo "Pate and Dan" Pate Fillipenko read the Constitution under the brand Freaky music on the background plasma, in which Putin, litter scabs, turned into a bare skull, and it was a great day of blazing conclusion:

Citizens have the right to participate in the administration of justice. Remember, and this, too.
And Article 14 of the Civil Code "Self-defense of civil rights" directly states that Nurgaliyev allowed "allowed self-defense of civil rights. The methods of self-defense must be proportionate to the violation and do not go beyond the actions needed to suppress it ».
Because of this, the skull of one of Colonel pate, by the way, do not want to let on "Kuban»:

Pate, fraternal heart, I'm sorry again - we really wanted to come earlier, but you see what contraption came out. At Pate, by the way, the next concert in St. Petersburg. Residents of the cultural capital strongly advise not to miss.

And on his finger at me now hematoma. Hit really not sparing hand. Though joints did not hurt.
It is hoped that promyal hood though.



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