The Sandpit Generals

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Instead of preface.

I quite deliberately not going to show the individual characters of the documentary and the numbers of their cars. Although I have every right to do. But I will try to be as ethical in relation to these people. Despite the fact that they violate the law. Despite the fact that make it appear constantly. I do this not out of pity for him, but for the simple reason that the matter in this case is not in a particular individual. The fact that this offense is not a particular individual. But has steadily: Recently such offenders is growing. However, some of the characters to learn if you want all you can. But first things first.

Every journalist knows that the FSB to establish contacts with the press reluctantly. Even more reluctant to this security officers of this structure. More surprising, that the invitation to participate in the raid came from them. As it turned out, the Federal Security Service decided to declare war on the owners of illegal licenses and permits. These often show the traffic police car owners naruvshie rules.

Such certificates are usually not poke gosavtoinspektoram face. But presenting the right, as if by chance and show these documents. In this machine sits just such owner:

In the hands of an employee of the FSB "crust", in which it is written, "Colonel-General." However, do not specify what kind of troops. Although, maybe it's a police general? The owner of this order said he, Colonel-General of Cossack troops. However, as important to clarify did not immediately apparent. But behaved very arrogant, someone called, someone asked to approach, talk to someone on the phone offered to law enforcement officials.

This - "production" bigger. Deputy heads of departments of one of the Ministry of Regional Development:

I did not take the position of this gentleman in quotes, because it is quite a real. However, it has turned out to be another witness - an employee of a certain Counter Corruption Commission. Document issued as necessary, - the Russian tricolor printing. But the reality of the existence of such a commission immediately raised doubts. I do not know whether to be superfluous to mention that like any respectable official, he drives a Mercedes Gelandewagen, worth five million rubles, and carries a traumatic gun.

We continue to communicate with violators of traffic rules. Abbreviations MVD and the FSB - the most popular among the owners of such documents here:

And on the windshield of the car is such a pass:

Then I did a little digression. The fact that these people are not posing as law enforcement officers. As a rule, they allegedly are members of various alleged associations, foundations, councils Employee Assistance / veterans / disabled (underline) FSB / MIA / special forces / military operations (necessary to emphasize). However, in this case the name of the state institutions is written in big letters, and the name of the organization - small somewhere below. In this paper, usually flaunts tricolor and official seal. By law, the use of state symbols, exactly as the names of public institutions in the name of the organization is prohibited. By the way, offenders during the raid was not detained. Unless, of course, they voluntarily parted with "peel". Otherwise, offered to drive to the police and to issue an administrative offense. Was not wanting.

Act like you know, "for the rich." That the Ministry of Justice with someone's light hand acquired its own "Committee for the Protection of Consumers' Rights.

And judging by some papers, the fight against corruption in our country is not life and death:

The authenticity of the documents, by the way, is set immediately. With the help of a visiting forensic experts. Such certificates, according to him, not dollars, their manufacturers are not particularly bother. Field set of optical techniques to determine fakes decreases in a small bag:

Examination takes place one after the other. Owners of various "ksivu" so much that professionals have almost run from one machine to another. Another holder of the coveted "crust" through browsing.

Yes, and it is also a public organization. This "judge" is not enough that a long argument with the FSB officers and traffic police, so more and decided that I was shooting in the streets, breaking his or her privacy. Not so good with the knowledge of the laws of the graduate faculty of law. Hope graduate.

This car sits another "general". He has several certificates confirming their status. Another public organization, except in the name of which has the word "international". As expected from the general, he manages Mersedes S-class, cost from four and a half million rubles.

This is a solid rank also the first thing someone started ringing:

And here is already more serious. In witness of a young man in a black jacket means that his name is Sergey, and he - investigator of the investigation department of economic crimes Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. And if the previous offense punishable in accordance with the Administrative Code, it is - already a criminal offense.

By the way, one of the few drivers that did not argue with law enforcement and then admitted that he bought the paper in the underpass for a thousand rubles. On the windshield sported this paper here:

Raid members joked that they had not yet come across except that veterans of the Battle of Kulikovo.


Traffic police, by the way, is no stranger to pity. This time the girl on Peugeot. Judging by the papers, working as an assistant manager "Legal Defence Bureau for veterans of the FSB and the Interior Ministry." Remember the name of his boss for some reason I could not. Despite this, the traffic police inspector asked not to show the picture and name ladies even bogus. I'm not callous man, so have the inspector where to put your fingers:

Indicated on the pass - "The Government of Moscow." It's actually a lady-official of the government of Moscow. I think there is nothing wrong with that in the Moscow government versed in cars that cost three million rubles and above.

Another official said. The machine is more modest, but that's not the metropolitan government, as well - one of the prefectures:

By law, the windshield can not hang like a pass, even if it is only a pass on any particular lot. But what to do, the man just loves his job, which can not but share this love with others:

Another small digression. The owner of this luxury Jaguar had no passes or permits, such as those mentioned above. He was stopped, as they say, on a whim. Inspectors did not miss. The driver turned out to be without a license (!), Was on hand for some time, and then expired - figures were corrected by hand.

Generally, during this raid, I discovered for myself a lot. In particular, learned the name of a considerable number of organizations:

Typical car owner of the certificate here:

At this time there were no incidents. Although during the last raid had to call such a group capture. Audi Q7 driver locked himself in his car and did not want to communicate with anybody in and out. Acted just arrived special forces officer who warned that at the expense of "three" breaks a window with a rifle butt.

After a couple of hours the number of "trophy" has dozens. Inspectors do not know where they lay down, in the glove compartment of the machine that could not fit into a pile.


The sweetest leave at the end: in this car none other than the scouts!

However, still can not understand why the scout's license, which says that it is "intelligence"? Maybe it is better to surrender to the act? By the way, intelligence was not easy. This gentleman has something of Batman, is not it?

Instead of an epilogue.

I do not get up on the side of either side of this story. I do it consciously, as a journalist. And, to be fair, I will add one more remark. All the people referred to in the report, seek not just to stand out from the crowd, but also to elevate themselves above others, to get some additional benefits and privileges. They believe that there are structures involvement which guarantees the security and avoid punishment, for example, in the case of traffic violations. Heroes of this story is selected for this purpose names of specific organizations. Why did they make such a choice, the conclusions, of course, everyone does their own.



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