Life in the Soviet Union - "yard" and "thieves' culture

"In those days, secluded, now almost epic,
When the period of huge walked in stages long. »
VS Vysotsky. "The Ballad of childhood»

No, of course, those times I did not find - I was born eight years after the death of Stalin. And we never discussed at home thirty-seventh year, political repression and other "charms" of those times. Maybe another reason not discussed that personally my parents repression does not touch - the Siberian wilderness, a small village collectivization ended long before their birth (the father - 38, mother - 39, b.) What sort of repression ... not to talk about it and "outside" in the yard campaigns - were not interested in us then no "politics" ... But "zonovskoy" not political, but simply "zonovskoy", "thug" in the yard lacked romance.

Every evening, our "backyard" boyish get-together was going to kindergarten in the yard, in one of the pavilions. Seniors bring alcohol and necessarily guitar. One of my first memories of this kind: we are small fry, sitting around my neighbor on the porch Tatar Raisa, he plays guitar and sings. He sang ONLY Prison. For example, here's a song: "Once in Odessa man-boy, he went to Kherson for watermelons. Watermelon, he did not buy it, and went and fumbled in his pockets. " The incredible popularity enjoyed his performance the song "Pigeons are flying over our area." It was in his repertoire even some song about the prosecutor, condemned his son to death and hanged after trial (the prosecutor, of course, one does not judge, but anyone interested in such a small thing ...). We were ready to listen to him for hours, although most of the texts in their 12-13 years simply did not understand. But the romance of "protest", the romantic "other life", "otherness" she lured much ...

Next recollection - I'm thirteen years old, I'm from our local punks going to the movie "The generals sand pits", in fact I spend all the time for books, but here in March, a warm wind, snow melts, and rumor has it that there is a cool movie . This film shocked when youth across the country. Recently, I tried to see it again, heavy and rather boring movie. But then it was close to all of us: that we were not hungry and did not live in caves, but the movie was a noble character, "thug Prince", and had a love for a blond girl and was a drama, in our favorite "thug" songs. A song from the film, I still remember - for our taste unassuming teen "proletarian" area of ​​Krasnoyarsk, it was the poetry of the highest level.

At 16, my birthday my parents gave reel tape recorder - "Nota -203". It was a very expensive gift - it cost 180 rubles - a monthly salary of highly qualified workers (or two and a half monthly salaries of my mother-cleaners). A friend gave me a coil with the "thieves" is a song Vladimir Vysotsky. There have been two dozen songs - "wording" "My mother let cry", "does not take me out of the Spring", the rest I do not remember. A couple of months I have all the free time sitting at home listening to these songs - until he learned them by heart ... for 10 years Vladimir Vysotsky was for me the greatest poet of the twentieth century - until I got to the university "get-together" and not acquainted with the world of poetic culture seriously . But still I believe that poetry VS Vysotsky of the highest standard. Very well said of him Christmas in one of his poems:

"On Chrysostom blatare
howl, Russia!
What time in the yard - this is the Messiah.

Soviet society in addition to socialism, humanism and bright ideals of communism, and the society was still "thug culture". The entire depth of the love of Prison shows the tremendous success of films about thieves and the thieves' songs or the style of them, which sometimes sounded from the screen. For example, the first Soviet sound film "Road to Life" was the basis of a confrontation between two characters thieves Russian gigolo, played charming Zharov and person unknown nationality Mustafa. Zhigan-Zharov enjoyed wide popularity among the people - still, the film was shown, "raspberry", bawdy songs were sung. Ditty of "explanation" of the film, even as a child I sang - "Mustafa road building,
and Zhigan on it went.
Mustafa on it went,
Zhigan and killed him ».

Casually written, stylized Prison song "scows full of mullet" was the favorite song of the Soviet people of different generations for decades. How underworld love song by Yuri Nikulin, "Wait a minute, the engine, the wheels do not knock ...»




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