Sentimental Journey Sofa

In early August 2008, a group Mosca-Mosca started a photo project, which was called "The Road Home or a Sentimental Journey Divan" .Tsel filming was simple: create a calendar Furniture Factory "8th of March". For the organization of the project was undertaken expedition on the roads of Russia. With them went the protagonist - sofa "Salisbury". It was a regular, continuous model released factory «Britannica», a division of Furniture Factory "8th of March". Couch was no different from his other brothers, coming down the assembly line.

"Our entire project was rather risky. Firstly, we do not know where it will have to take, and secondly, it was completely unknown, whom we will shoot: professional actors, we deliberately did not take with him. The idea was just to go, stopping at places that seem interesting. And already there to photograph the sofa together with the people we meet. I wanted to show Russia and its people for what they are. And it is not like glamor "- says Phil Suzemka, author and active participant in the process of its implementation.

Yanvar.Snimali near the "museum of horrors" near the building of the river station. Despite the name, the place is not terrible. Although the degree of destruction and neglect of river station where these shots were taken, actually depressing. Teenagers with bicycles we just caught on the street. Rather, we caught first one, and so he pulled over a whole brood.

During shooting and detailed . B> Fevral.Sentimentalny Sofa went to the county town with amazing watchtower built by merchants in the mid-nineteenth century on marshy outskirts.

During shooting and detailed .MartByla invented the idea of ​​traveling on a raft. First, the village assumed the ferry. With carts, collective GAZ-51, a gray-haired ferryman and joker-livestock specialists. However, to the nearest of the known places such ferries were at least 550 kilometers. Then we found a place where it is possible to replace the ferry to the raft. It was much closer - a total of 400 km.

During shooting and detailed .AprelAprel for sentimental Divan was impregnated railway romance.

The desire to find a real railway and take a picture with a sofa on the rails complicated communication with the railway workers, limited in time and frightening fate of one of Tolstoy heroines. None of us remember who is Vronsky, but in the minds of the phrase hovered Venichka "mesyatsok poblyaduyu and throw myself under a train like Anna Karenina! And then I go to the monastery and schema accept! You come to me to ask for forgiveness, and I will go out in all black, so charming, and you all face scratched, his own fig! ».

And during shooting PODROBNOSTI.MaySvadba. The wedding was to be found in the wedding ceremony. Weddings generally are found there. If you have a wedding - you direct road to the registrar. Captured for a wedding can lead anywhere. She goes because she is still where to celebrate itself. She has already begun and it is unstoppable. But it can be easy to take away. We have done so.

And during shooting PODROBNOSTI.Iyun "The generals sand pits».

At the edge of the city began the lake. Although it is probably better to say that on one of the shores of the immense Lake perched small town. The day was warm, people were sunbathing on the shore and on the sandy hill, leaving at one end into the water, the children went crazy with delight - a sandbox or in the same yard you will not find.

During shooting and detailed.



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