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I read here that the youngest general in the new Russia was Ramzan Kadyrov, in 33 years. And I thought.

It will be 16 images. Boris Akunin via

Of course, not about Kadyrov's generalship - this somehow everything is clear. Putin has just revived the custom of XIX century, when the ruling princes, khans, sultans and emirs Caucasus and Central Asia were given the rank of general, to flatter the vanity and stronger tie to the Empire.

For example, here Daniyal Bey, Sultan Elisuysky. Major-General since 1842, then ran across to Shamil:

And that Seyyid Asfendiar-Bogadur Khan of Khiva. Major-General in 1910, then killed Junaid Khan:

So, I was not interested in the phenomenon of Kadyrov, and the theme is much more fun: young generals.
Actually, it's an oxymoron. General can not, should not be young. Prior to this high rank dosluzhivayutsya many years, through experience, trial victory - usually through the shed blood, their own and others. Pronounces the word "general", and once you see the wrinkles and scars, gray or bald head, red from the wind and vodka nose.
If someone became a general in a very young age, it is almost always an extraordinary man - fearless, daring, successful, and at the same time, mature beyond his years, since he was entrusted to command a lot of people.
The young general - is something beautiful, charismatic, romantic. And tragically, because the young generals rarely live to old age. "Those who live by the laws of the other, and who die young." "In one incredible jump you have lived a short century." In general, something like that.
And I stood over in memory (as well as Google search engine) of the youngest generals of different countries and peoples. Exciting activities, I tell you.
He began, of course, to the fatherland.
The champion among Soviet generals, of course, was Vasily Stalin, received the rank of general in 25 years. (Same age as my mother went with her in the same school, in the parallel class, designed for children of higher nomenclature. She told me that the boy was not bad, but terrible dolt and Losers).

But Vasily Stalin counted. Here, as with Kadyrov, is another story. The princes and grand dukes at all times does not receive ranks of Military Merit, and in August the blood, and in this category, our young generals Vasily I. even perestarok.

Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolayevich - Rear Admiral at 21:

Archduke Carl - 24 years in general, Field Marshal. Subsequently really grown into a serious military leader, but the title was up front for the privilege of birth.

No, let us remember this, honored generals, kings Brann on each field (and not at the ball).
In the Soviet army made the most amazing career a brave fighter pilot Grigory Kravchenko (1912 - 1943) first distinguished himself in battles with the Japanese. Stalin loved to elevate these nuggets - clear and luminous, all owe him without doterrornogo past.

In just two years Kravchenko senior lieutenants rose to lieutenant general. Apparently, he was the prototype Simonov Kozyrev from the novel "The Living and the Dead." Also killed in aerial combat with the Germans - heroic, but for the large air commander wrong.
However, for my list, Grigory Kravchenko not quite fit - too late to become a general, almost thirty.

Like his colleague, who fought on the other side of the front - Dietrich Pelz (1914 - 2001), the youngest general of the German Reich, where, as you know, the title given very sparingly.

This - a rare event - lived to a ripe old age. (Pelz was not the fighter that everyone loves, and the bomber - a bad profession. I think all German bombers of World War II burn in hell).

Still, in a regular war of the twentieth century career officers, even with the most brilliant super-human abilities and luck to get to the generals in a very young age so it was impossible. For such a take-off are more appropriate civil war or revolution, when the break all the traditional hierarchy and the top sometimes get very young Mars science geeks.
Our home, I guess you all know. Therefore, confined to a small portrait gallery - just remind. (All without exception of - characters, bright personality and military talents. Moral character will not touch. As they say, "this was a time too┬╗).

Sergey Lazo (1894 - 1920). At age 24 (for a total of 6 years after upper secondary school photos) commanded the front.

Mikhail Tukhachevsky (1893 - 1937). As Lazo, a former lieutenant. In 25 years - commander.

Iona Yakir (1896 - 1937). At 22, he led a large group of troops.

Vitaly Primakov (1897 - 1937). At 22 - Divisional Commander "Red Cossacks".

In white military leaders were on average older than the red, because in the army, where wear uniforms, are hatched by a star - has to grow gradually. But the generals were real, the rank of the rank.

Andrei Hide (1887 - 1947). He received the rank of general at age 31. One of the best horsemen of his era. Sorry, the service finished SS Gruppenf├╝hrer.

Ataman Grigory Semenov (1890 - 1946). The leader of the White movement in the Far East. Gen. 28 years.

Another chieftain - Boris Annenkov (1889 - 1927). Quite creepy kind. He became a general in 30 years.

Nikolai Skoblin (1893 - 1937?). The youngest division commander of the White Army General in 27 years. In exile, as we know, he was recruited by the KGB and helped them steal in Paris head of the Russian general-military alliance Eugene Miller. An ugly finale to combat general.

The post is too long, and I was fascinated by the topic. Therefore: to be continued ...




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