A series of campaign posters "service contract"

And I had a chance to serve the motherland. But not in boots and a fur hat and a team creator, create an image for the Kazakhstan Armed Forces. Thanks to the good support from the top, in our work with big stars uncle especially not climbed. And therefore I created a series of propaganda posters turned out interesting and fun.

With this poster began "uncontrolled" manufacturing fashion posters for the Kazakh army. Uncle with big stars on their epaulettes confident in my good thoughts and once again did not summon me to the sixth floor of the Defense Ministry.

Please terribly liked the photo (by the way, almost all the photos for posters prepared photographers in uniform - a colonel and a corporal Cairo Dunbayanov Ermek Sarbazy), well and came up with the text itself :)

Incidentally, when brought to the Kazakh army Humvees, some generals did not fight for the right to get an American all-terrain vehicle as a personal vehicle. However, a month later, they were willing to exchange them for ordinary UAZ. According to the "test" Hammer pretty tough machine and elderly generals are tired of jumping on the seats, as mustangs prairie.

This content is laid out as an example of advertising and public relations, made in Kazakhstan. The point is that I was directly involved in their manufacture, and the general public an opportunity to learn the reason why there was this or that poster, difficulties arose and how it was possible finally coerce ossified uncle "with the big stars in the series" come to grips the image of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Basis posters - photos - were provided by the Ministry of Defence, on any photo shoots and staged shots are not out of the question. However, all of the same equipment we were given only one computer for two, it seems, with mediocre Athlone gig memory. It is only enough to glue a couple of layers in Photoshop.

That such "combat" conditions and "forged" the image of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan.

Foresee the reaction of critics to boil, "not dressed according to the ordinance!" That is why he chose. Because shale.

Honestly, at first the picture did not attract my attention. Only after a while I noticed that the brave sniper dyed lips :) Since we are not States, and gays in the Kazakh Army, to put it mildly, are not welcome - hence it is a local GI Jane :) In connection with this, and there was this poster .


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