These 7 substitutions in "Friends" we didn't notice until now

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We are in the Website puzzled not a joke — it would seem that we know by heart favorite TV series "Friends". But there it was. It turns out that not once in the frame it happened spoofing that remain for us unnoticed. Here they are! If you find any more please write in comments.

It's not Monica!Where: the 8th season, the 5-series

Rachel turns to the unfamiliar girl in the plaid shirtWhere: 9 season 15-I series

Outsider "Ross" in other clothes, and even with the pink bookWhere: the 9th season, 16 episode

Of course, this is not the impostors and doubles, which are always "in the wings" if the main characters must leave or they are absent on the day of the reshoot scenes. But how could we not see this before?

Even apartment mysteriously changing roomsWhere: 1-season, 1-series / 9-series

In the series a substitute for not only people, but even... apartments. The most zealous spectators noticed that the apartments with the numbers "4" and "5" in a couple of episodes turned into a "19" and "20"! The creators of the series was justified by the fact that the floor on which the characters live, appropriately the bigger rooms.

7 seconds one label disappears and another one appearsWhere the: 4th season, 20 series

In just a few seconds on the whiteboard "Poop" turns into "get out!". And repeatedly.

The showcase, which turns behind the cameraWhere: all seasons

As you know, inside inscription with the name of your favorite cafes should be reflected Vice versa. But inside and outside it looks the same. If labels on two sides, it is not the same as drawing trickles of steam. But even from the street that is not on the site of the famous sofa.

Ross disappears in the airWhere: the 5th season, 17 series

Certainly a lot of substitutions can be found in 236 episodes of the beloved series. And it's a great excuse to review it again. Very carefully.

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