Not so long ago, I posted an article about the history of the iconic trolley ZiU-682. The people longed to continue, well, why not??)

So I tell the story ZiU-683. Native and familiar trolley trailer, popular in Russia, and rare in other countries.
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In general, it is no secret that a large Soviet city almost everything rested on the public transport system. Parasites in the cities was not, and every morning, thousands, hundreds of thousands of residents stormed the city traffic, in order to catch the beginning of the shift at the factory.
Since the beginning of the 60s in the streets there are first bus-bunching (still Ikarus 180). Then (1959-1967gg) on ​​the streets of Moscow (and later Peter) there are the first trolley-accordion SVARZ TC (but that's another story;))
According to a variety of reasons, first articulated trolley, ready for mass production, there is as much in 1978. They become articulated version has already become a cult in the days ZiU-682

Created in 1982 as a prototype (and according to other sources - modernized the first instance) have been equipped with thyristor-pulse (ie electronic) control system. This system enabled the smooth acceleration and deceleration, as well as significant energy savings.

Trolley entered the trials in Moscow where he received the number 1000.
from production models it offers extra head-destination sign, and the standard for the 682-ZiU those years Lighting - "Boats»

Inside trolley can accommodate 164 people (instead of the standard 100 at ZiU-682)

Small-scale production of new machines was only launched in 1986. This was originally a trolley arrived in Moscow (except for one trolley, entered Athens).
In 1990, began to supply trolley ZIU-683B00 to Leningrad (now - St. Petersburg), and in 1991 and in other cities of the USSR

Export Machine 1986g.v Athens. different from the serial. In general, the interior it was the same as in Greece supplied ZiU-682

In 1991, the number of trolley buses went to Argentina

Where a few years have passed local modernization

In 1992 he was made a "step back" - and ZiU-683 was started again with a rheostat-contactor control system. Thus was born the modification ZiU-683V00 and ZiU-683V01. However, unlike ZiU-682 start-brake rheostats imposed on the roof (as it was fashionable at the trolley 90s onwards)

Since 1995, trolleybuses got a new index model 6205. Then gradually modernized in parallel with ZiU-682. For example, here's what a 62052.01 - it's just articulated analogue ZiU-682G-016.02

Total production of all time produced about a thousand trolleybuses, which is incomparable with the volumes of a single ZiU-682. Much more modest and geography - trolley that model works only in Russia, in Ukraine, a little bit, and several other countries sots.lagerya. Over the past 15 years, such trolleybuses from Russia delivered only once - in Serbian Belgrade




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