Faraday Future – a new manufacturer of electric vehicles have taken the competition of talented engineers

Silicon valley was born of a new automaker, which promises to 2017, to issue its own "revolutionary" 100% electric car.

Is that just a few years it is possible to create a powerful and successful company for the production of electric cars to "live" example demonstrated Tesla Motors. Whether to force a new startup out of California called Faraday Future (FF) repeating the success of the company Ilona Mask, only time will tell, but it is already clear that the plans of the new automaker is not inferior in its ambition of Tesla Motors.


Free information about the founders Faraday Future, as about the sources of its funding to date not presented. It is also not clear whether FF has its own production facilities. But, despite this, in the company's official website introduces visitors to "the prophecy", according to which in 2017 FF will introduce a new electric car and make a powerful impetus to the evolution of electric vehicles. 100% electric and completely environmentally friendly car will include several new products, which until now was considered to be fundamentally impossible. The company did not hesitate to declare that they are ready to take the leading position in the whole automotive industry of the future.

The only teaser of the new items shown above, as regards its technical characteristics, to date it is only known that the car will be equipped with a 98-kWh battery, which is almost 15% compared to the most popular Tesla Model S P85D. It is also noteworthy that in FFне guided to use for refueling their electric vehicle network "tekovsky" SuperCharger stations, and intend to create their own standard for quick charging SAECombo.

Opinions about Faraday Future diverge – as opposed to a large army of skeptics, there are many people waiting on FF if not a revolutionary breakthrough, at least, compete with Tesla Motors. In favor of the latter, by the way, and the level of expertise, which Future Faraday has managed to involve for work in your project. So on a new electric car today are used by many famous engineers and designers, who had proven themselves in companies like Tesla, GM, Ford, Fiat, Chrysler etc.

Future Faraday has been able to attract to his project of Richard Kim, known for the development of conceptual models of the BMW i3 and i8, Pontus Pontius who have contributed to the design of various models of Lamborghini, Ferrari and range Rover and many other well-known engineers. Today the staff it employs around 200 highly qualified specialists and FFпродолжают to accept applications from those wishing to join his team.

It is difficult to answer the question was born whether Tesla Motors is a worthy competitor in the history of electric vehicles there are many interesting examples. But it is safe to say that the company Elon musk is not going to lose its leadership in the industry. This is eloquently demonstrated by the pace of Gigafactory construction. published

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