Scientists have modeled a new material, able to withstand the temperature of the center of the Earth

A group of engineers from brown University have found that with the right combination of hafnium, nitrogen, and carbon to create a material that can withstand the temperature of 4400 Kelvin (7460 degrees Fahrenheit or 4128 degrees Celsius). To make it clearer — that two-thirds of the surface temperature of the Sun.

The temperature of the outer core of the Earth, for example, can reach 4300 Kelvin (4,000 degrees Celsius), and the new material is able to withstand. To find out that helped scientists a series of computer simulations of the output of the melting points, by modelling the physical processes at the atomic level. The research results were published in the scientific journal Physical Review B.

The anticipated scope of use of the new material could enable production on its basis of thermal screens with extremely high levels of thermal protection, if not to speak about the possibility to build a ship capable of delivering us to the center of the Earth.

"These results speak in favor of the ability to create extremely heat-resistant materials used in various industries, from the Assembly of jet engines, and ending with thermal screens spacecraft. But will it be actually useful alloy, called HfN0.38C0.51, is unclear," — said in a press release on the website of brown University."The next task of scientists is already defined to synthesize the material in real conditions and to conduct his laboratory research and testing." published

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