Forecast Fortune: Apple buys Tesla

Well-known business magazine Fortune published its annual long list of predictions for the future in 2016. In it stands out opportunity grand in scale and consequences of the transaction: the company electronics manufacturer Apple can acquire the manufacturer of electric Tesla. Analysts say it is promoted by several factors: the financial situation of Apple luxurious with large amounts of surplus funds ($ 200 billion), and persistent rumors about the development of his company futuristic electric car, code-named Titan.

In addition, Apple gets another important advantage over a possible deal: of Elon Musk. The current head of Tesla is often called a talented visionary and believe that his approach to doing business well with the covenant of Steve Jobs "Think Different." In other words, Elon Musk is the best suited to take the place of the future CEO of Apple's full compliance with the concept of such a man that has developed in the community.

Rumors that Apple is planning to release its electric car циркулируют on the Internet for about two years. According to the opinions voiced, Apple is going to introduce electric car is already Titan in 2019. To this end, the company employs engineers Tesla Motors, Ford, Daimler and General Motors, and the development itself происходит at the former naval base near San Francisco. However, a few weeks ago, Apple and Tesla exchanged mutual picks over the personnel policy of Cupertino: Elon Musk even called Apple & quot; ... the cemetery engineers Tesla & quot ;.

This year, many specialized media began to упоминать the mysterious company Faraday , which should
already in 2017 to release its revolutionary electric car. About Faraday Future knows only that her office is located in a former center for research and design of Nissan in California - no one even knows the name of the founder. In the company are former immigrants from Tesla, General Motors and Ford, as an additional hint to the field of its activity is a reference to Michael Faraday - the founders of the electromagnetic field.



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