Future Faraday introduced the electric capacity of 1000 l / s

American company with Chinese funding Faraday Future presented at CES 2016 in Las Vegas a prototype of a sporty electric vehicle FFZERO1 with engines of 1000 l / s.

The announcement was pretty loud, because a future rival Tesla have worked in the shadows for more than 1.5 years.

Prototype Faraday Future FFZERO1 unlikely to see the light of day as production vehicles, although the company hints that can build a limited number of supercars.


  • power several motors 1000 l / s
  • acceleration to hundred in less than three seconds
  • the maximum speed of 321 km / h.
All this is purely theoretical.

In the cabin there is only room for one person, which is protected by the Halo system Safety and helmet both water and oxygen. Several sensors monitor real-time biometrics to the driver.

If you look at things realistically, FFZERO1 will not be the first production car Faraday Future. And before the advent of this machine it will take several years.

Based FFZERO1 is a single platform Variable Platform Architecture, based on which Faraday Future will be to build a variety of cars — from luxury cars to pickups.

Faraday Future plans to sell their cars on a subscription scheme in which the user is not the owner and only rent the necessary car.Sedan for your daily commute, a minivan to travel with family, sports car for track days, a convertible for Sunday's trip to the sea, truck to transport the crop from the country home. published

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Source: rus.delfi.lv/techlife/novosti/ces-2016-faraday-future-predstavila-bezumnyj-elektromobil-moschnostyu-1000-ls.d?id=46908081


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