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To 100 km/h in 2.9 s, top speed of 250 km/h, the price is about $350 000. With new members and concept electric cars of Formula 1 becomes more tangible.

About what FF is planning to participate in the race series became known in July of this year. Then the company announced its collaboration with the racing team Dragon Racing and introduced the concept of elektroboote. Now known for it's specification.

Machine weighing nearly 900 kg accelerates to a hundred in 2.9 seconds. The power of 270 HP provides a maximum speed of over 250 km/h. For comparison, the petrol Formula 1 car, having a capacity of about 1,000 HP, accelerates to 375 km/h. nevertheless, in The future will reduce the gap between Championships. Already in 2018 will be presented with a new battery that will enable electric cars to produce more power.

Now, according to specifications, the battery capacity of the racing car from FF is 150 kW. Tesla batteries, for example, produce only 60 kW. The price of the car — about $350 000. In parallel with his racing history of the FF promises to release futuristic and disruptive civil electric.

Formula E is primarily a platform for promotion of technology and it's not only about batteries. Within this racing series will soon launch competitions RoboRace: electric fully Autonomous cars will compete in the perfection of their autopilots. A prototype of the car to robogeek already conquers the world's racing tracks, and the first competition is expected next spring. published

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