Faraday Future chose Las Vegas for its factory of electric cars

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The mysterious company Faraday Future, about which very little is known about which vaguely упоминают Media, объявила that intends to build a factory for the production of electric vehicles to the north of Las Vegas. This way you have a real competitor to Tesla, promised to release a revolutionary electric car already in 2017. At the same time about the company Faraday knows only that her office is located in a former center for research and design of Nissan in California, and among its employees including former engineers of Tesla and General Motors.

As follows from the blog entry Faraday Future, the company intends to spend on the construction of the factory $ 1 billion, while the 4500 will create jobs. The total area of ​​production will be approximately 280,000 m 2 sup>. If you try to compare the size of the factory and Faraday Future & quot; gigafabriki & quot; Tesla, it turns out that the project exceeds Elon Musk newfound rival several times in the area, and the level of funding. For example, it is well known that Tesla plans to spend its $ 5 billion factory.

Business Insider пишет that of Faraday Future is a Chinese billionaire Jia Yuetin (Jia Yueting), CEO of the company LeTV. In addition to its financial and business activities, and it is known that copies the manner of dress of Steve Jobs and his company, like Apple, has been producing all kinds of electronics, such as televisions and mobile phones. He also owns the media business at home, which is called "Chinese Netflix».

Jia Yuetin says that his goal - is to build electric vehicle that would solve a serious environmental problem threatening China. However, so far no real car has not been seen, and she promises to show Faraday ready concept at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2016. Forbes estimates a personal fortune of $ Jia Yuetina 7.3 billion, making it number 41 in the list of the richest people in the world by the editors.

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