Plant for the production of electric vehicles Faraday Future

In the industrial area of ​​Apex Industrial Park in the north of Las Vegas, the ceremony of laying of the plant Faraday Future - newly manufacturer of electric vehicles. Napoleonic plans: registered in California firm plans for ten years to invest one billion dollars in the enterprise area of ​​300 thousand square meters, employing 4,500 people! In the construction will use the latest environmentally friendly materials and most of the required energy will take from renewable sources: wind, geothermal and solar generators. First production is expected by the end of 2017: this will be the cost of electric vehicles about 50 thousand dollars with batteries is 20-30% more efficient than the Tesla. A tour at the forefront of the plant will draw on the firm estimates, about 42 million visitors per year!

But in fact, a ceremony has been reduced to a few shovels of desert sand, thrown by Brian Sendovalom, governor of Nevada, and Dinh Ley, vice president electromobile project SEE Plan Chinese company LeEco (a new player in the smartphone market). And also - to show the layout of the planned gigantic enterprise, solemn speeches, toasts and a repetition of earlier promises sounded

. The fact that the future production site remains unclear. Company Faraday Future, organized LeEco and Chinese companies Lishi Internet Information & amp; Technology, Nevada promises of the authorities long-term lease of the territory affected by the housing crisis, as well as employment in the near-bankruptcy of the Las Vegas area. In exchange, inspired by Chinese officials to guarantee tax benefits in the amount of $ 215 million. However, in February, Nevada Treasurer Dan Schwartz visited Hong Kong and met with good friends at the former banking. They drew attention to Schwartz that Lishi company shares in December were withdrawn from trading on the Exchange, and hinted at the insolvency of the Chinese company founders Faraday Future, in particular Jia Yuetinya, Lishi owner.

Faraday Future FFZero 1
Fears cause and the absence of reliable information on future electric vehicles. Shown at the January Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, a concept electric vehicle Faraday Future FFZero 1 with four motors total capacity of 1000 hp (Acceleration up to 97 km / h in three seconds) in fact turned out to be slow-moving layout. On the appearance and characteristics of production vehicles still do not know anything other than vague teasers and vague promises about creating an advanced modular Electrick. Although the design of the author, Richard Kim, who worked previously in the BMW i department, says that in his hands has an approved project for at least one of the three models planned for release until 2019 year.

Faraday Future FFZero 1
These circumstances prompted the treasurer Schwarz demand from the Chinese side to ensure Nevada investments in the amount of $ 75 million, which, as far as we know, still has not been made. That, however, did not prevent the governor Sendovalu take up the shovel in the Nevada desert.

Teaser electric crossover Faraday Future
It is interesting and such a coincidence: at the CES show in conjunction with the concept of Faraday Future FFZero 1 US debut LeEco electric mobility smart phones from the co-founder of the company. Last year, the company, formerly known as the LeTV, rushed among the world market leaders, having sold four million smartphones. And on April 20, that is, exactly one week later, after the laying of the American plant in Beijing will be a presentation of the first smartphones to the US commodity - the Chinese claim to compete with Apple products. In this light, the cost of establishing the concept of slow-moving and other electromobility hype well within the scope of the advertising budget.

By the way, in February LeEco company signed with the company Aston Martin agreement to build elektroversii Rapide model. However, it was not a contract with clearly defined responsibilities of the parties, but only a memorandum of understanding.


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