11 best supercars in 2013 (11 photos)

Of the eleven most interesting and expensive car devices next year, three launches BMW, and two - Audi

2013 will be fruitful for new items in the segment of luxury cars. Most new cars will debut early next year at the Detroit Auto Show and will go on sale soon, and some have already been presented to the public at the Moscow and Paris Motor Show. Here are 11 of the best luxury car 2013 model year, comparing them to speed characteristics, technical equipment and design.

BMW Coupe Series 4

Price: to be announced

World premiere of the new items in the status of the concept will take place in January next year at the Detroit Auto Show, and the status of the production model - in March in Geneva. Based on the compartment of the third series, the novelty has become longer and wider than its predecessor, has received powerful engine (options: Straight six-cylinder capacity of 306 liters. With. And four turbocharged power of 245 hp..) And two versions of automatic transmissions - 8-speed core and casual 7 -speed dual-clutch.

BMW M6 Gran Coupe

Price: 3, 95 million rubles

This limousine coupe received turbocharged engine- "eight" of 4, 4 liters and 560 liters. c - the same as that already produces M5 and M6. The official world premiere of the new items will be held in January at the Detroit Auto Show.

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster

Price: from 19, 45 million rubles

This roadster - a variation on the coupe of the same model, which is very successfully sold worldwide. New feature a removable hard top, consisting of two parts and made of carbon fiber - the material from which made the rest of the body. The engine capacity of 700 liters. from. and the amount of 6, 5 liters allows the roadster to accelerate to 350 km / h, while the speed of 100 km / h it reaches just three seconds.

Mercedes-Benz CLA

Price: to be announced

Four-door coupe, which will be officially presented to the public in Detroit, received two versions: basic and tuned in the studio AMG. Tuned version will be the flagship: it will receive a two-liter turbo engine capacity of 350 liters. from. and 7-speed automatic transmission robotic. Platform for news became hatchback A-class.

Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​Convertible

Price: $ 191,250

Convertible from the "Bentley" is equipped with a V8 engine capacity of 4 liters and 500 liters. a., that allows the car to accelerate to 100 km / h in just 4 seconds and 7 to reach a maximum speed of 330 km / h. It is the highest for the production of British car manufacturers during the existence of this industry. Optionally the machine can be equipped with engine W12, and the price of the convertible is much higher: from $ 212 800.

Audi R8

Price: € 113 500 (V8) and from € 165,900 (V10)

A characteristic feature restyled modification R8 V10 Plus - full LED head optics. Vehicle changed externally, but under the hood is still hiding one of the two motors: 4 or 2-liter V8 capacity of 430 liters. c., or 5, 2-liter V10 capacity of 525 liters. from. (maximum speed - 300 km / h and 314 km / h respectively). Transmission - the choice of either a 6-speed manual or 7 preselektivnoy-speed automatic.

Jaguar F-Type

Price: £ 58,500 (V6), from £ 67,500 (turbocharged V6), from £ 79,950 (V8)

The new roadster from the famous British automaker made its debut at the Paris Motor Show in the fall, and it will begin selling the spring of 2013. Buyers will be offered a choice of one of three engines: a three-liter V6 (capacity - 340 liters. S.), The same "six", but turbocharged (capacity - 380 liters. With.) And five-liter V8 (capacity - 495 liters. With.) , but PPC is only one - the 8-speed automatic.

Audi S8

Price: from about $ 115,000

This all-wheel drive car on the aluminum chassis - the same as that of the A8 - received four-liter engine capacity of 512 liters. s., which is a two-ton car accelerates to 100 km / h in just 4 seconds 2. Driving such a powerful engine have with 8-speed automatic transmission, but lovers of high speeds will have to accept the fact that the electronic limiter prevents accelerate new product to more than 250 km / h.

BMW 3 Series Sports Wagon

Price: $ 58,900

Entitled new Sports Wagon will be sold in the American market, and in Europe and other markets, this model obtain the designation Touring (F31). The basic version will be equipped with an engine capacity of 2 liters and 245 liters. s., diesel - two-liter engine capacity of 184 liters. s., and version 330d - a three-liter turbocharged V6 rated at 258 hp. from. In the US, the main competitors of new items from Bavaria will be Audi A4 Allroad and the Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon.

Cadillac ATS

Price: from 1, 7 million rubles

Car Cadillac brand is undergoing a rebirth and now is trying to get in the segment, characterized in fierce competition. The new model has already managed to win the title of "Best City Car 2013" by the magazine Decesive, focused on the solution of this problem. OPTIONS weight: rear or four-wheel drive, three engines (two 4-cylinder of 2 and 2, 5 liters and output of 270 and 200 hp.., Respectively, as well as 3, 6-liter V6 rated at 318 hp..) 6-speed automatic or manual transmission. However, customers in Russia will be the only option available with two-liter turbo engine.

Chevrolet Corvette 7th generation

Price: $ 56,000

The seventh generation of the legendary "Corvettes" released on the 60th anniversary of the appearance of the first version of the model that opened the era of sports cars in the United States. Novelty is equipped with a V8 engine of 6, 2 liters and 450 liters. s., and some modifications - seven-liter V8 rated at 500 hp. from. The base model accelerates to 100 km / h in just 4 seconds and a top speed of 305 km / h. The debut of the new "Corvette" will be held in January at the Detroit Auto Show and on sale it should go to the end of 2013.


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