Collector of land

< Jan Fioletov

Talk with the Russians - literally broke relations with several of his friends. Where the picture is particularly heavy. With the rest of the pots is not broke, try to discreetly carry intelligent conversations. Although, of course, remained osadochek.
To sum up - on the one hand the conscience is not entirely atrophied. On the other - it has acquired an unusual form of conscience. It seems like it is, and in fact, as it would not present. Supplanted by patriotic feelings.
Ask how I feel about the Crimea? What I think about the relationship between our countries?
Their pride overwhelms! Really - pride. They have won.
That is, to sneak up on a sick country, quickly otchekryzhit part and run back - this victory. Ofuet. Just a battle of Borodino.
Habits yard punks who imagines himself a new point of force.
How to write here, the seizure of the Ukrainian fleet must learn in textbooks. And that, folks, textbooks meanness already published? That is, if "Sahaidachny" as the cruiser "Varyag" zvezdanul would someone from the main fire, it would be against the meanness of the brotherly people. And when you, as a gaggle of hooligans smoked our sailors from ships, it damn victorious operation worthy of getting into the annals?
No, guys, it's called differently - podonstvo. The whole story with all your polite people, ships, referendums, lies, meanness, angelic golden eagle, Goebbels agitation, psychosis on TV, Yanukovich in exile, your little napoleonchikom, his retinue, with swollen from clapping his hands, by standing with your knees imperial nostalgia for the great destiny of the country, capable of producing a show-off and raw materials and even instruments of death - called simply: meanness.
And the result it will have adequate - instead of a partner of the international community you will become outcasts. See with whom you stay. See who endorses your actions. Are not you ashamed?
Ah, yes ... You're proud of gathering land! You do not have to order! You are going to raise the Crimea! If you do it the same way as done with the Far East, Siberia, the Volga region, Nechernozemie - I do not envy the Crimea.
And yet, I really want to follow your logic, referendums held at Dagestan, Tatarstan, Yakutia. You start the mechanism - so eat with gusto.
I am sure that the meanness of your country come to her side. Wish it may affect you, my friends proud. Recognition of the disputed territories of the Crimea, minimize economic and military programs, international isolation. And what you perepoganili relationship with the nearest neighbor for a hundred years and forever ruined his reputation - this is a bonus. USSR did not return, but Russia in its present, albeit not as appetizing, can be destroyed. Former superpower disintegrated not long ago, a fresh experience. She also considered herself entitled to spit at all and failed. So - be proud of! You do know exactly what Hohlyandii kick - it's an honor. Collect Crimea - picking lands. Squeeze the alien fleet - a feat and the top military thought.
So do not be offended when arrive at the answer. It will be very unpleasant.
But ... Is this what you wanted, George Dandin!

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