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Everyone earns money as you can, or, as it turns out.

Unlearn in college. Then university. Testing. Deputy chief accountant at one of the largest enterprises in the city.

The figures, postings, debit, credit, reporting ... only worked for a while you begin to understand what you like and what infuriates. Here I am the son of the chief mechanic, realized that relying on personal experience.

A month before the end of the contract notified the Director that quit. Operations in ahue and me @ uy. So what to do if the soul does not belong to the accounting department?

All the free time stuck in the garage of his father. I always liked to help him turn the nut priterat valve peening iron and other work related to the maintenance and repair of cars.
Therefore, after leaving the company I had a choice: to car mechanic in the workshop or go outbid cars. I decided to stay on the top.


Step one: search and buy cars.

Here everything is simple. Open the Internet site for the sale of cars. Monitors machine. Knowing the average selling price, we pretend upcoming investments and the amount of profit.

It so happens that you come, and the car has long been "dead" ... although the words of that seller "wheelbarrow to" fire "at the weekend drove to wash and put back in the garage».

And it also happens that you buy a wheelbarrow, pomoesh salon polirnёsh and she was on a piece of dollars becomes more expensive.

Second stage: marafet - pre-sale preparation.

That always struck by the fact that the person sells a wheelbarrow, and she was all, "shaggy" ... cigarette butts everywhere, the ceiling Chorny, harnesses dirty. Well, make that prevents elementary cleaning the cabin? And buyer very nice and pleases the eye clean and tidy)

Sometimes it is necessary to podremontirovat suspension that would not have thundered. Or collapse of convergence do to wheel in the direction did not lead. Scratches are removed by polishing, "pits" and "schelbany" percussion and spackling followed by painting.

Machine drive in order, try to do for themselves. Good state machine - the key to profitable sale.

The last step: selling.

When selling again use online platform. Place a photo and set the selling price. About the photo I want to say a few words. Properly made photo is also one of the points of a successful sale. The right angle, lighting, background, good camera. Given all this we get a decent selling advertising their cars.

With few cars for sale, do not use a single phone number. And do not use one SIM for more than two times. Otherwise, there is a chance that you will calculate the appropriate services and the buyers themselves by driving a number in a search engine browser.

Personally, for myself, I divide "buy up" into two categories:
 - Grabber - a terrible people. Vparivayut machine, bred ... fuck them all, and for them there is nothing too.

-Master - Normal guys. When buying them a car, you can be confident that the car will be good and go with a good pre-sale preparation.

In general, the topic of cars, sale, repair, auto diagnostics, you can talk long and hard and never again. You can recall various stories, jokes, and so on daroga But this evening I just wish everyone and myself a good mood, good luck on the road and more positive pochityvaya posts on



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