The mysterious three sixes, which brought to mind a generation of mystics


The mysterious three sixes, which is marked in the Apocalypse, the Antichrist, brought to mind a generation of mystics. Who just did not connect with this ominous number: Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler...

In fact, everything is much simpler: you only need to imagine the era when there was a Revelation.

The Number Of The Beast

According to historians, a Revelation likely was created when the Roman Emperor Galba, who reigned in 68-69 years: the text States that the sixth king (so the Jews called the rulers of Rome, whose subjects they were considered). Christians of that era believed that the end times, the Apocalypse is near, as Christ said when He returns, some of those who knew him will still be alive. Idle Christians are not met: probably Jesus was referring to the immortal Eternal Jew (the wandering Jew), denying Him assistance on the way to Calvary and condemned for this to wander the world until the second coming. But whatever it was, Apocalypse waited. And waited, that is, from day to day, so trying to "calculate" Antichrist among the figures of other eras hardly correct. Candidate Antichrists must be sought among contemporaries of John.

More than the Emperor

In the 17th Chapter of Revelation says that the Beast has already shown himself, and then disappeared, but should be back soon. Who may be John a Beast? Most likely, the Emperor Nero, merciless persecutor of Christians, who ruled Rome from 54 to 68 year. It was thought that he died as a result of a conspiracy, but there were persistent rumors that the tyrant was still alive and hiding in Parthia, where at that time there appeared an imposter who called themselves by his name. According to contemporaries, everything that happened scares the Christian community, its members were convinced that if Nero really survived, only thanks to Satan. John the Evangelist was a Jew, and, of course, under three sixes to hide the name in writing, as was customary in the Hebrew language, with the omission of vowels. QSR NRWN — written titles of Neron Caesar (Neron kesar) on Roman coins minted in Syria and Palestine. We add: [Q, COF – (100)] + [S, Sameh – (60)] + [R, resh – (200)] + [N, nun – (50)]+ [R, resh – (200)] + [W, Waw (6)] + [N, nun – (50)] = 666. The correctness of the transcript is confirmed by an interesting fact: there are several ancient Latin manuscripts of the Apocalypse, where the number of the Beast named 666, but 616. And it is legitimate, because Nero in Latin written not Neron (it's Greek), and Nero. Accordingly, in Hebrew his name will be written as NRW, N lost –(50) that reduces a total amount of 616.

No need to panic

Modern theologians say that 666 is just a random combination of numbers that the devil has no relation. After all, if a bucket of cucumbers is worth 666 roubles, it does not mean that 666 roubles a bucket of cucumbers. By the way, in the Bible there is a 666-page. So try to discover around the items bearing the "devil's seal" is a useless vanity.

Where you can find three sixes.

1. The title of the Pope. In the Middle ages opponents dad calculated that one of his titles is Vicarius Filii Dei ("Vicar of the Son of God") in the translation of letters into numbers gives a sum of 666.

2. Dial tower clock. Such appeared in Europe in the XVI century, and some said that innovation "smells of sulfur". The sum of the 12 numbers on the clock drive is equal to 78. If you add up 7 and 8 is 15 and 1 plus 5 is 6. Since one point is seen a maximum of three dial four, it turns out 666.

3. Keyboard mobile phones. If you add up the numbers in the three rows of the keyboard, too 666: 1+2+3=6; 4+5+6=15, and 1+5=6; 7+8+9=24, and 2+4=6.

4. The size of dollar bills. The width of a dollar bill is equal to 66.6 mm.

5. Visa Card. The name of this payment system, some render it: VI is a Roman numeral 6; S Greek, but A Babylonian. Total: 666.

6. Roulette. It's just a "diabolical machine": the sum of all the numbers on it equal 666. Roulette was invented by French mathematician Blaise Pascal (1623-1662), by the way, a very pious man. The wheel with the numbers he needed for experiments the theory of probability.

7. Barcode. Accepted worldwide standard barcodes as protective symbols has three sixes, which are indicated by two long thin lines at the beginning of the bar code in the middle and the end. Credit card, the card was also used this type of encoding.


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