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Yes, "six" came to us from another world where the ordinary man enter not easy. For example, I always cover shyness when you have to sit behind the wheel of a car with a value of three houses anywhere near Ryazan. Therefore, despite the auditory training (the car is insured, I safest driver in the world), my "six" swam very slowly along the narrow metropolitan pereulku.Kolossalnye size of the car, especially impressive width, forced to be cautious in crowded urban labyrinths. After driving this giant mersedesovsky S-Class hatchback seem sly. It was only when we got to the motorcade multiband Kutuzov Avenue, I sighed with relief.
The driver of the "six" partly likened to a man sitting at the helm of a luxury yacht. Vehicle should not operate, and to command. Give him orders carefree movements: slight wiggle the wheel - and a huge nose changed course; touch the accelerator pedal - and a smooth rush of acceleration pushes you to the back seat. As the polar bear, one of the most dangerous predators in the world, capable of completely relaxed reclining posture suddenly make a ten-meter jump, so "Six" is always ready for rapid move from any state - even if the tachometer needle lazily shows just over 1,000 rpm. Personally, I like this feature of the machine cost a hundred rubles. Spellbound magnificent car, I forgot time to readjust from the extreme left to the extreme right of a number to go to the desired isolation. Belated maneuver had to do with light, it seemed to me, acceleration. Until replaced by two bands, speed inexplicably managed to skaknut allowed 60 to 82. impermissible camera and recorded the post of DPS: For this company, "a rush of acceleration" a lot, by the way, and love "six". It seems only worth a close look on the gas pedal to the car gained speed. Such habits provides a unique motor. This engine - Leviathan. In the depths of a giant P4 lies 1, 6-liter working volume. Almost a liter more than the "Oka"! This monstrous amount of Togliatti was not enough and carburetor "Six" have provided the accelerating pump. As a result, torque surpasses 100 Nm! And ensures that the hurricane response, even a light touch of the accelerator.

When behind the wheel of "six" mchishsya on suburban road, you begin to enjoy: Every truck that is overtaking. And the length of the car - the better! Then when overtaking keenly felt endless silischa motor. In fact, as the "six" is gathering pace, there is something firstborn, something Wagnerian, something irresistible. Like a pair of fighter jets flying in (I "six" and test for "Tavria"), we had time to get in sync huge truck where a normal car - a powerful foreign car - just do not have enough space for overtaking. Ten kilometers on a winding suburban road revealed a surprising fact. It turns out a respectable sedan VAZ 2106 is suitable not only for representational purposes or impressively smooth-moving from point A to point B. It turns out that it is well-trained sports car! Course of gigantic proportions not going anywhere, but almost half ton weight of the car as if somewhere disappear. VAZ 2106 permeates the garland turns with the swiftness of the legendary coupe ZAZ 967. Even in the complex S-shaped bends huge machine evinces a surprising tenacity and precision accuracy reactions when the driver turns the steering wheel. Perhaps, to a large extent contribute to this huge 13-inch wheels and tires BL-85.

To "six" of the executive sedan transformed into a sports car, it is enough to plant out of the cab and relatives to get rid of the upper trunk Teschin sofa. And then, the motor will switch to a special mode of operation, and transmission can be switched quickly and harshly. Adaptive same suspension, will become more tight, preventing banks of the majestic body in the corners. Thanks to "The tightening" chassis tuning huge machine begins to noticeably livelier obey the helm.

The spacious trunk VAZ 2106 there are few equals. For a car that can be used as representation sedan, "six" unusually fast. Maximum speed is artificially limited to his wife on the 100-110 km / h, but at this rate movement machine surrounds the driver and passengers exquisite comfort. This - heirloom Zhigulevskaya classics.

A unique, hand-crafted interior - this is one of the mainstays of VAZ. With its royal splendor can not be compared even "jaguar", not to mention other brands. To say that the ceiling is covered with Colour Options - to say nothing. The ceiling of the car is not tight, and adheres to the finest tanning Colour Options. There are models, whose interior is richly decorated with self-adhesive film under a tree. A few switches on the front panel is made of a rare quality for plastic. Individual words worthy of the climate control system. "Six" one of the first production cars, which implemented a system of layered dual distribution of warm air, and separate not only for the passenger and driver, but also for each of their legs. If a hard frost to include the stove, the right leg of the driver all the way to take a hot air bath, and certainly left zadubeet to loss of sensitivity. In all passengers will be exactly the opposite. To feet basking evenly need only occasionally be reversed. To stop the flow of warm air to the feet of the driver and front passenger in general, sufficient to bend in a knot and close the bottom flap heater. "Upper layer" Head heating two elegant independently rotating deflector on the front panel. Very convenient. If the bitter cold freezes the nose of the passenger, the right deflector can be deployed directly in the face to the passenger, while the left will heat the left side of the windshield, so that, on the move got frozen almost 30 percent of its surface. Equipped with individual armrests back sofa "six" is so spacious that there could easily sit lady in long evening dress. Dermantinovye throne-like front seats generously flavored with synthetic suede inserts. Significance: The solemnity: majestically: These words come to mind when you find yourself inside the "six" for the first time.

And finally, in the tradition of VAZ slightly shocking nuance - as carnation in his lapel tuxedo, the final image is sent to the high-society party gentleman: in the trunk of our "six" we found the segment fur teddy bear - so soft and fluffy, fingers literally drowning in it. Perhaps, then, we reminded by a flock of Papuans, who saw for the first time ... say samovar. And wondering where it can accommodate.

 - Can this piece is polished body after washing? - Said his brother's wife.
 - Joke? - I shrugged - because machines used. It's just a piece of cloth. The former owner left.

Then came to us simultaneously: this seat cover! Fur teddy bear! Later, I called the dealer and ask for the price of these, so to speak covers. They cost more than 1000 rubles: Yes, when it comes to "six", the money does not really matter.


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