20 luxurious crime films of clever scams

If you like movies in which you need to solve the intricate criminal plans, where the plot is intriguing by the minute, and gangsters cleverly cope with the enemy, then this collection is definitely for you.

Website has chosen the most exciting and action-packed movies about the world of crime and criminals.


The saga of Don Corleone mafia family, of course, the head of our list. One of the most elaborate metamorphosis shown in cinema history: the transformation of a cruel and treacherous boss under pressure of responsibility, authority and family interests.


The complex affair involving many colorful characters of the London bottom - Russian gangster, three hapless robbers, crafty boxer and surly thug from the mafia. Guy Ritchie - a sort of Tarantino, put on fast forward. Some details may elude the viewer's attention, but the pleasure of driving fast secured.

Pulp chtivo

Tightly packed action and corporate dialogues Tarantino guarantee the pleasure of viewing. He walked on as if the treasury of world cinema, sweeping the shelves favorite genres, images, characters and details and dumping them in disarray.

Lock, Stock and Two stvola

The cinematic masterpiece about ordinary guys who tear a big winner, while around them systematically cut each other gangs. Actually, the title of the film speaks for itself, and it is the best brief retelling.

Law Abiding grazhdanin

The film clearly shows that location - a terrible force. Every minute viewing expect from the new protagonist of ingenious methods by which justice finally prevail.

Saints Bundoka

Someone house - a full cup, someone happily because a number of favorite people, some in awe of his career. And for these guys happiness lies in the restoration of justice and destruction of those who interfere with ordinary people live. Here you and the gunman, and a black comedy, and crime, in short, the perfect combination.


This gangster masterpiece by Martin Scorsese. A good story, strong dialogue, without unnecessary gloss and dirt, great acting, and dynamic realism. It makes you stare at the screen and watch until the end, without stopping.


Another masterpiece of Scorsese. The film was shot commercials young, with strong fights, mass shots to the head, laid chips. It's pretty fast and hard. It seems like a perfect movie for all indicators.

Once in Irlandii

Pitting in the frame are two complete opposites, and sending them to roam at the dull, but movie versions terrain director famously demonstrated that the Irish sense of humor - gloomy, unfamiliar with the concept of political correctness, energized years of strife and whiskey - perhaps one of the best in the world.

11 friends Oushena

So if we are talking about speculators in the film, we can not ignore the famous Ocean's gang. This film is at least interested in a luxurious cast of. But an interesting story with a fascinating presentation of the material will not be disappointed. Incidentally, the sequel in the form of 12 and Ocean's 13 was no less worthy pictures.

City Boga

It's amazing how much talent in this film is played non-professional actors, though, basically - the children. Most frightening, that, obviously, and there are millions of people in Brazil. Life is real, death is real and present movie. Movie about the life in which, if you're six years to kill, loot and smoke grass, you can be a "man", while the other "man" you do not shoot.

Big Lebovski

One can endlessly review the movies is ageless. And each time wonder why plot pattern formed in the head is still difficult. But unraveling the intricacies of the Coen Brothers fantasies are not so much. More importantly do not fall out of the chair when throughout the film will be shaking with laughter.

Mad psy

This was to be the perfect crime. But as usual, things did not go according to plan. The result - an uncompromising and elegant criminal tragicomedy with minimal scenery and actor's maximum potential.

Nine yardov

Perhaps the most fun, easy and, strange as it may sound, a good criminal cinema. It seems to be a film about gangsters and murderers, but came out really great comedy! If you want to cheer yourself up -See "The Whole Nine Yards».

Lucky Number Slevina

"Lucky Number Slevin" is not only entertaining to listen to, but also nice to look at, even after you are desperate to unravel the ingenious combination of storylines and surrendered. The film was made quite skillfully with the clear intention to convey the complexity and multi-layered design and visual level.

Catch Me If smozhesh

Quite dynamic and ironic masterpiece of Spielberg. Strong plot, good acting, workshop stylized 60s - all of these components made the film a huge success.

Illusion obmana

One of the most exciting films virtuoso robbery. The main thing - to observe. And then you can guess exactly how the bank was robbed. Just do not forget the words, "The closer you get, the easier it is to deceive you." At least try to - for the sake of it and was filmed the movie "Now You See Me».

Full oblom

Losers, maniacs, girl, slightly treshovy isolation and unpredictable plot. Thus all fueled a large portion of black humor - well, as much as possible to pass?

Lay low in Bryugge

Wonderful character actors. Black humor that does not contradict the fact that the film ends up in tragedy. Well twisted story and credible characters who sincerely sympathize. In short, the film has everything that famous British cinema.

Robbery in italyanski

Take action, intelligent story, excellent cast, powerful music - mix thoroughly and get "The Italian Job" - a beautiful film about a beautiful robbery.

Games dzhentlmenov

Before us is a comedy ridiculing "black preachers" quiet sleepy towns with their eternal grandmothers, and along with those who despise these small towns. Feeling circus adds comical old woman, showing all the symptoms of senility, coupled with worldly wisdom. The main decoration of the movie - Tom Hanks in the role of professor, criminal genius, a specialist in dead languages ​​and amateur poetry of Edgar Allan Poe.

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