Ten is not the most common, but very useful gadgets

"Silencer" keyboard, bikini with rechargeable smartphone, scissors with laser sight and other amazing modern fixtures

Despite the fact that many of these devices are difficult to imagine an object in everyday use, however, most of them are actually exists in any home use.

Forbes magazine has selected ten modern gadgets that can be really useful for users.

Muffler keyboard h4>

Noise level - an important sanitary standard, so noise reduction of stationary computers and their peripherals - a problem not only in the struggle for psychological comfort of the user. Especially in the "open office" where joint clatter of many keyboards makes its undoubted contribution. Play a few decibels help, for example, the chiclet keyboard: it is conveniently rolled up, very quiet and sealed. But to work with it requires some skill. For those who do not want to give up the good old "keys", there are sound-proof covers of "breathable" material that not only muffle the sound, but also protects the keyboard from dust and moisture, keeping the heat sink. Recommended for use c laptop keyboard in dusty conditions.

Flying Service h4>
Awakening alarm clock always stressful, and less than it is, the better a person feels himself during the day. One way to reduce the stress of awakening - the introduction of a wake-up game element. For example, the pursuit of an alarm clock. Flying Service consists of two parts. At the bottom of the clock are located, and the upper part of the instrument is equipped with a propeller. At the moment when the alarm that "helicopter" takes off, and to stop the alarm, you need to get up, catch it and put it back into the slot of the stationary part.

Charger Solar h4>
Threefold charger KIWI U-Powered Solar & USB Portable charger folded reminds mobilnik- "book", and unfolded the ability to feed through the USB port smartphone, tablet or device for reading electronic books. Other Charger Solar reminds mat folds into a neat roll (available in different sizes). And some very bold inventors go further and manage such "rugs" sew something useful - as, for example, American designer Andrew Schneider, who created bikini charge portable electronic devices. However, swimming in a bikini is not recommended, and other possible side effects have been reported.

Bouncing camera h4>


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