A touching story of a blind cat Honey Bee

Amazing and touching story of a blind cat Honey Bee (honeybee) occurred in the USA, in the Seattle area. Volunteer Sabrina for three days in a shelter for homeless animals in Fiji, met with a blind cat. Rather, it is a cat came over and started to cuddle up to Sabrina. Despite its flaw young kitty was fun and playful. So she gained a new family and a new name "Honey bee".

Looking at the kitty from the side and not to say that the cat is blind. It is some "third" eye sees good and focused on the ground, boldly going forward. Her new family loves to travel, mostly Hiking and trekking in the mountains. And in these Hiking tours are always accompanied by a furry favorite. A cat sits on your shoulders or a backpack of the owner, and safer roads and paths of the cat itself moves strapped on a leash like a dog. And looking at the photos located below, it is still unknown who points the way, the owner of the cat or Vice versa, the cat leads owner. Only when the cat itself moves on a leash, as recognized by the host, the time it takes more. As a cat distracting smells and sounds. But she quickly adapted and even being on the edge of the cliff or on the rocky shore of the river, she senses danger and moves more cautiously. And has never been the case that she fell or made a mistake in choosing the right safe way. She is subject to any mountain and any trail.

So the love and care of one family were given a blind cat-the invalid of the second full life. And who knows what would have turned the fate of this lonely animal in a shelter if it were not found a good heart Sabrina.

Source: allfreefoto.ru


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