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Let's talk about the beauty of Spanish men.
Antonio Banderas, perhaps the first of whom many will remember. His charisma, as well as 30 years ago, is not indifferent to women's hearts, minds and imagination. However, in spite of my love for this actor, now eclipsed by his young compatriot and extravagant Mario Casas, who himself Banderas in 2006 was given a ticket to a great movie.

Personal photos of Mario Casas

He is 25 years old. Up to this point in the filmography of Mario 9 feature films. He has no high awards, but has the title of "actor-revelation" and multi-million fans love.

Among the most popular (as, of course, applies to the Spanish cinema)
and available at the box office:

"Three meters above the sky" - a successful remake of Italian paintings of 2004, filmed on the eponymous book by Federico Moccia

"Sex, Party and Lies" - a drama about a dissolute and the transience of life of today's youth

"Summer rain" - a film that took Antonio Banderas as a director. The story of four guys who want life to its fullest, but the very life subjects them to its own laws.

The film "The Mule," filmed in 2010, but at the stage of post-production project frozen due to lack of money. Director of the film was the Michael Radford, the one we know from the film "The Postman" and "The Merchant of Venice." I look forward to this story.

His roles are not very pretentious, more - vitality, contradictory and "feelings bald."

Actor-revelation is quite often seen as a model. Spanish, and not only publications do not miss the opportunity to get Mario for their photo shoots:

American «Vanity Fair»

Spanish Mustang

«Ragazza» and «Vanidad»

Mario is an active participant in the life of Josep Carreras Foundation against leukemia in children

And he athlete and just beautiful!

Eh, I'm not indifferent to the Spanish macho! And you?

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Personal photos of Mario Casas


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