Personal photos of Mario Casas

Spanish actor Mario Casas, known in Russia, and in many European countries, due to the role of Aceh in the movie "Three Steps Above Heaven" at a glance all the conquered not only his actor's talent, but also appearance. Millions of girls around the world began to frantically search for at least some information about this 25-year-old Spanish macho. And I must say that even though its a bit, but it still is. About himself and his career, which began almost 20 years, can be read on several websites Hispanic (Spanish, I do not boom-boom, so I can not write), but the photos look here or on Twitter under the cut. Hand on heart, I used to think that Mario is not even a nice young man, but seeing "Three Steps Above Heaven" I changed my mind. Cute, charming and talented. Forward to the second part of the film under the name "I want you" in the next year, it is a pity that Maria Valverde will only episodes (I liked it too).


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