Human cannonball

The man who fired a gun, accelerated to 100 kilometers per hour in 3 seconds. Overload reaches 12 G. said to fly the kernel from the gun is no more dangerous than a chainsaw to shave. In the last century from 50 "human cannonball" killed more than half - 30.

The record for the flight range of the gun is now owned by American David Smith (David Smith): in 1995, he "shot" at 55 meters, breaking the 53-meter record of Italian acrobat Idelbrando Zakkini of 1940.

On account of David, nicknamed "Bullet" more than 5,000 flights.

David Smith earns his living in the same work as his father ... Smith Sr. created a whole family of people-shells - this craft owned by his son, two daughters and a cousin ...

He also constructed a seven guns, shooting people, five of which belong to his family. Together with them, they are touring around the world, demonstrating their skills.


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