The sobering cry of Keanu Reeves: "I can not be a part of this world ... I choose my way!"

It is terrible to live in a world where you do not know what awaits you tomorrow, where, in fact, can not rely on anybody. Friends may forget or betray, and favorite - go in search of more lucrative options. People with unprecedented ease transfer any eternal values ​​at forgery, without costing a penny, to replace priceless fiction. We are so free that they themselves harnessed themselves into slavery his nihilism and disregard for the fact that, unfortunately, can not be bought for money. Each of us chasing material goods, forgetting about loved ones. Only we do not take into account that things for people, not people for things. Rather, in his old age, face to face with his life, we are aware of his mistake, but it's too late.

Why not think about the important things right here and right now? Recently, the Internet has become a popular one very powerful revelation. They say these statements belong to Keanu Reeves. This sobering cry of the famous and talented Hollywood actor. Perhaps his words will seem to you a few harsh, but in the end they will bring you clean water, and will help you to perfectly play a vital party in the future, not ashamed of the year lived in vain!


«I can not become a part of the world where their husbands their wives dress like prostitutes, exposing everything secret, that, in fact, must be hidden from outsiders eyes. i>

Where blurred concepts of honor and dignity, and in the words of the people can be invoked only when they say, "I promise». i>

Where women do not want to have children, and men do not want a family. i>

Where consider themselves successful daddy suckers touring driving his father's car, and anyone who is a little bit of power, is trying to prove to you that you - a nonentity. i>

Where do people hypocritically say they believe in God with a glass of alcohol in hand and with the absence of the slightest understanding of their religion. i>

Where jealousy is considered shameful, and modesty - a disadvantage. i>

Where people have forgotten what love is, and everyone is looking for the most lucrative game in the face of the partner. i>

Where do people repair their machines every rustle, sparing neither money nor time, but within themselves so miserable that it could only hide an expensive car. i>

Where are the guys spend on drink their parents' money in nightclubs, twitching under the primitive sounds of music, and girls in them because of this fall. i>

Where have long been no difference between M and M, and where this is called freedom of choice ... But those who choose a different path, has put a stigma and they shall call them narrow-minded despots. i>

I choose my way! It is a pity that I did not find the support of those people who are most looking for her ... » i>

This would be a revelation belong to, him feel sad. These words turned inside our lives inside out and make us finally shake out unwanted debris and become better. Share this shrill monologue with your friends!


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