These heartless parents upset their little angels. But how dare they!

Being a parent - not an easy task. After all, your actions are often regarded children as unfair to them. Well, how to explain to the child that some things well, just do not climb in any gate! As long as kids are not formed a solid understanding of what is possible and what absolutely can not do the parents of a hundred times a day is necessary to take away from their hands dangerous objects, to prohibit harm to other people and so on. But all efforts will be rewarded when your child will grow a worthy man, and in many ways this is just your credit. In the meantime, be patient and try not to succumb to provocations of these small manipulators.

See what made these heartless parents with their kids:

1. This girl not allowed to eat dog poop. B>

2. Baby forbidden to put toys in a bowl of porridge. B>

3. He was not allowed to stand on a hot toaster. B>

4. The girl was not allowed to break the cake until she will sing the song "Happy Birthday». B>

5. Not the cookie ...

6. Not allowed to watch "Little Einsteins" and eat at the same time. B>

7. We did not have to listen to a song Linkin Park «Bleed it Out». B>

8. Not allowed to shove a plastic straw in her sister's ear. B>

9. Forced to wear a shirt. B>

10. She demanded silence, to see "Cold Heart" (ie, to other people in the restaurant stopped talking to each other). B>

11. My mother saw that her daughter playing with a dart of darts, and took it. B>

12. She wanted her to have wound tail. B>

Here is the everyday work with the profession of human parent. Share these photos with friends who have kids - they'll love!


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