Caregivers of emergency

One late night stops near the kiosk around the clock ambulance. Drove went to buy some water, cigarettes, and the car remained very young girl doctor. Very, very nothing of itself.
Meanwhile, near the machine materializes heated by juvenile style company. Moved toward the booth in order to refuel, but then the concept has changed due to the appearance of the way of a worthy object of application of chivalry and sophisticated humor in the face of that girl.
Oddly enough, but she did not appreciate the tempting offer to relax in a decent team and categorically refused. When the conflict began to take an aggressive color, a kiosk with shopping and returned to the driver tried to resolve the issue without losses to the parties. But was immediately cut down for blatant interference in other people's affairs. And there is nothing in the affairs of the young monkey.
And when it seemed that much nowhere birdie to go, start brushing Hollywood. Opened to the rear door of the vehicle, and out of the compartment for passengers were two of the casket. Orderlies. Each size of the average wardrobe. First was from the mental hospital ...
A few minutes later passers were able to observe an idyllic picture: the entire team at fault with traces of violence on their faces and dress in a rather frisky pace in circles around the car, regularly stopping after each round before the sanitation and raportuya how many laps of the race in honor of the Red Cross done by activists. And under the tacit approval of the supervisory go to the next round.


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