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I can not share that with you! It kapets!

Pangs of conscience and fears during pregnancy

I'm already pregnant 18yu week, the child planned, we are with a person "X" live three years and are protected in the days of my ovulation, should not just protect themselves and as a result - my pregnancy. But then I remember that a week before my ovulation, I was in the club at the bachelorette party with a friend, was very drunk and people "have" plunged his hand into my panties, and more particularly stuck in my finger ... Ever since I remember it not a day has passed that I have not suffered the thoughts that have the person on the finger could be a sperm and I could conceive of it. Man "Y" argues that this is impossible, laughs at my thoughts and says that his hands were clean. The worst thing in my mind that a person "I" - an African American, and I have nightmares at night like a loved one "X" I give birth the child-negretёnka. I beg you not to tell me about the immorality of my behavior, and I myself know what I look like in the eyes of the public, and therefore no one can discuss this issue. I know that pregnancy in that terrible night she could not come, I have collected a thousand proofs to it. But how can I throw out this night and this terrible thing from his mind? As 22 more weeks to live in tears, agony of conscience and fear give birth to a black child and this ruin my entire life and the life of man "X", which is waiting for him with impatience ... Please help me anything, tips, facts, or just contact me with this topic I feel like losing my mind from these thoughts and the fact that no one can share their fears. Is there the possibility to determine the color of the skin of the child before birth and what is generally chance of getting pregnant by a finger? I do agree that I deserve what is now experiencing, but very afraid that my nerves every day on this basis could harm my baby, I want more than anything in life. killed comments below! I FSE!



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