Tuning your hands 3

Dude once already earned BAN, but decided to return to DRIVE2 with another car. Behaves quietly and decently, vulgarity ceased to draw on the machine.

I'll post a photo 7 + one video and some text.


1. Problems with discs!

Alloy wheels, which I recently bought and had counted on departure summer, do not stand on the wheel! How is that possible? When I went to the car market, I had previously (bending the fingers) counted the number of holes for the bolts on the wheels. And thank God I had the fingers! Exactly five pieces! In the market I bought wheels with five holes, which I liked best. Is there a difference between the holes, who came up with all this? I always thought that there is a difference only in the number of holes 4 or 5. Why is everything so difficult? I'm beginning to believe in conspiracy car!

But, on my way to my dream, possession alloy wheels 17, can not stop any "conspiracy." I picked up a brush, paint and just painted alloy wheels with a brush! It turned out just gorgeous! Who needs these alloy wheels!

2. Help with the buttons!

Any problems, I do not quite understand the drawings, which are responsible for the button. And I'm afraid to press for checking!

Perhaps the start, the uppermost left! Painted snakes that crawl out of the seat! Why in the car such punitive function, I do not understand?

The top button in the middle - a warning sign, and left him a rectangle, again with snakes, probably after you bite a snake, this button opens the cage for them, where they are safely crawl!

The right of the emergency signs, painted silhouette of constipation and arrow. I do not want my Opel turned to constipation!

Mysterious ECO button, and the right of it procured more snakes for passenger!

Strange dotted circle and labeled TC, likely is the likeness of a circle of salt to scare away wickedness!

And below I understand everything! This control air conditioning. There can be no fear turns to press the button and watch what will happen!

But the most uncomfortable - is the location of the switch turns! It is located in the glove compartment. It is very difficult to reach there while driving.

3. Konusnik own hands!
Today, I'll show you how to make a cone filter of the original parts. We reach vuvuzela from the standard air filter cover. Standard air filter wrap around vuvuzelas, anchoring tape. We connect konusnik ready to air flow sensor. COMPLETED! Fast and easy!

4. Automatic Track

Many owners of Opel, not satisfied with the appearance of the lever automatic transmission. And I came across various embodiments replace the ugly arm Opel lever from BMW or other vehicle. I also decided to take a chance and tried to replace it with Ford's arm. To tell the truth, it looks like a rusty cup pimp and since I am not a pimp, he decided to leave everything as is. With that out of the box today heard strange sounds, perhaps it will require repair or replacement.

And there, and we'll see. )

5. Bread and salt!

I continue to experiment. I deliberately did not put the car in the garage to her as much as possible watered rain. And today, I decided to test the effects of salt. I crumbled bread to the birds, and began to rub salt in the body. I rubbed salt until they were pinching hands! And what do you think? As the car shone its metallic luster and shine, nothing has changed. I think all of us cheat and winter road watered by unknown means, but I do not salt! By the way she gorgeous glistening in the sun! Eyes happy!

6. My method pickup girls!

In fact, he was terribly simple! I am holding your phone, go up to the cutest girl and say, "Hi! Do not leave me your telefonchik! ", And then I slowly begin to raise its antenna! When she sees such a long antenna, it is already in anticipation, and I can not refuse!

The method was tested only once and I once had a girl. Test it on a global scale not see the point, I do not need so many girls! Use of health!

Perhaps the blind or deaf girls method will not work.)))

7. Sport steering wheel!

I did not manage to put the racing wheel on my favorite car. As it turned out, he has a slightly larger diameter than the original and just glares at her feet. Of course, on any other machine in 1998 has adjustable steering wheel adjustment, but not on my Opel. Will have to continue to twist his shabby, leather steering wheel with buttons. (((

Too bad!

Everything! Voice interface open the trunk!

Nobody will be surprised, opening the trunk with the remote button. Manufacturer BMW for example, came up with a function that the reason his foot under the car, you can open the trunk. I think that I made a real revolution! I installed the voice recognizer, but then anyone saying the word "Trunk" can open it on my machine and I changed the word "roof rack" for a secret offer!

Watch Out! In the video, there is swearing!



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