Kadyrov and "Alpha".

Monument to women of Dadi-Yurt, which in the XIX century fought with Russian troops, opened in Chechnya served as a pretext for a conflict between two United Russia. The real cause of the disturbance deputy Alexei Zhuravlev and the ensuing fight in the Duma was the fact that the transition an employee of the Center of the FSB special forces into the service of Ramzan Kadyrov. According to the sources, the head of Chechnya have long dreamed to find yourself your own "Alpha". And now, when this fantasy coming true, the closest ally of Kadyrov, Adam Delimkhanov would not tolerate the publicity of this fact by colleagues in the lower house of parliament.

As in any other organization, it has its own special forces "Excellent." They best pass all the tests, know all the founding documents "by heart", travel abroad and defend the honor of the flag in international competitions of special units, and instead have the opportunity to bargain with the authorities currently small preferences. One such "honors" has always been considered an employee by the name of Daniel Martynov. It is a "bonus" for excellent service firm chose: always ride only in the same trip - to the court of Ramzan Kadyrov.

The fact that the two heads of regions of Russia - the leaders of Chechnya and Ingushetia - on special order appoint a permanent special protection of the SPC professionals FSB. And while the rest of the "alfovtsy" in forests and mountains hunted Islamists from the "Caucasus Emirate", Martynov rode in a motorcade after the head of the Chechen Republic on all formal and informal activities.

As a result, at the expiration of his contract in September this year, Martynov asked permission to leave the management of special forces and go to more lucrative and less stressful job. So simple, clear, such things are not done, and anyhow much work people from "Alpha" do not let go. It took the patronage, the treatment of solid state structures with the request to transfer the employee - this call was made in the SPC of "Spetsstroy Russia." However, after a couple of weeks the name Martynov emerged not in the list of builders of military facilities, and among the councilors, Ramzan Kadyrov.
[chechnya.gov.ru, 04.12.2013, «R. Kadyrov: We stand on guard for the interests of Russia "," Daniil Martynov is one of the best employees and experts. He spent six months with me, and I know him well. This is a true patriot of his Motherland - Russia. And never, under any circumstances will not change his beliefs. I took it to work as an assistant, after it according to the law resigned from the service and wanted to get a job in Spetsstroy. However, due to the fact that there has left his friend and close companion, he refused these intentions. He was invited by me at a time when it did not work [...] "- said Kadyrov. - Box K.ru]

Excellence in combat and political training not only the place of honor in the approximate range of the Chechen leader. He became actively poach his former colleagues and other special squad the best fighters in his division generated. Instagram leader of the Chechen people in recent times more than usually full of men in camouflage uniforms heaped with guns in their hands. This is the group of soldiers, which is now preparing for Kadyrov Martynov as an "Assistant power block" in his famous secret techniques "Alpha».

So much so, that in the beginning of September Martynov Kadyrov persuaded to abandon its assigned protection SPC - say, my boys will cope better. The Chechen leader has called the head of the FSB special forces center and asked to withdraw his men. The reply was: "Treat the one who ordered you to guard." This, obviously, was anything about Alexander Bortnikov, or about Vladimir Putin. As the situation developed further history is silent, but the group "Security" with Kadyrov as a result removed.

It would seem that there is such? Kadyrov has long been struggling with the bandit underground, it is important the most advanced know-how in special operations. However, until now the unique technology of "Alpha" for the supporters of Chechen leader, who played once on the side of the separatists were not available. Ramzan Kadyrov has everything he could wish for, but his super-soldiers to buy until the last moment he did not succeed. But now as familiar with the situation have told sources that the former "soldier of the empire," Daniel Martynov were four-room apartment on Leninsky Prospekt and tuned "Mercedes" and the head of the Chechen Republic there is no need to suffer with him guards from Moscow.

Interviewed experts tend to believe there was a real betrayal. If suddenly it so happens that a hypothetical head of the Czech Republic wants to defy Moscow, the resolution of the issue by force will inevitably be fraught with losses. If the protection of Hafizullah Amin in 1979, knew how to act, Soviet specialists, then it would be an opportunity to "podstelit straw", and the operation could well fail.

On the situation known to all members of the community security services. In October, the State Council held in even happen to confusion. Kadyrov arrived at the meeting with his souped advisor and checked documents, staff learned FSO "deserter" and began to whisper to discuss it. For "Alpha", whose dedication and competence have entered into legend, becoming a subject of speculation among the staff of "younger" on the status of the power structure was a real insult.

First-time former colleagues Martynov believes that his career ambition stumble on the last trustee Kadyrov's power on Abuzaida Vismuradova (better known as "Patriot"). He was clearly unhappy with the appearance of a new favorite at the head of the Chechen Republic. Now, however, it is clear that the former "alfovets" much loved Kadyrov and employment prospects of his most optimistic.

Information about the smoldering conflicts most likely prompted deputies Zhuravlev speak critically about what is happening in Chechnya and run into discontent deputy Delimkhanov. On the ensuing fight is now known from the news.

["Moskovsky Komsomolets", 04.12.2013, "Alpha" Kadyrov created for the war in Syria, & quot ;: «Between them there was nothing serious. And this misunderstanding is nothing short of a conversation for a few raised voices of men "- explained Kadyrov. "Squabbled men, something, maybe touched each other, something not said, do not put" - continued to talk the head of Chechnya.
Thus Kadyrov confirmed that creates special forces in Chechnya, but supposedly this unit is required to fight back ... Syrian rebels, who allegedly threatened Russia. Kadyrov and said that "the threat posed by the Syrian militants never concealed." [...]
He explained that in Chechnya is preparing the special unit, which is planned nature, carried out in strict accordance with the regulations, each step is performed according to the instructions and under the direction of the commander of Special Forces.


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