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Finally I got to the pictures that are made and in their journey. I must say that the photo will be a lot, so I will describe what I saw and all that stuff.

So, I'll start from the beginning. we decided as a family to go throughout the rest to Europe (eg those on Yap decently, but I still write). We chose the date and agreed route. The preparation we had almost a year. By preparation, I mean: obtaining passports, visas and further training machines.
If the Russian bureaucratic system pretty quickly made our passports, the senseless and ruthless "Russian Post" almost tore us all traveling, holding a package with calls by as much as 6 months. In total, pissed away all conceivable time frame we had muddy tourist visas. However, this was easier than a challenge.
Preparing visa and cars, as well as collect some documents we languidly waiting for the start of a long and interesting adventure.
And then came the long-awaited July 20 ... (I must say that I live in the Sverdlovsk region in Yekaterinburg).
This photograph my parents in my car. Crap in front of the grille, I'm especially attached to every-buzzing flies biting crap does not clog the radiator. This thing has remained the wedding, so it's all in the sprockets and heart was ... it was a little funny, but at the same time stremnovato%), but it saved my radiator.

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The photo above is made in the Perm edge, hrenovenko road there, but they are actively repairing (just please do not be offended residents of a particular region, describing their feelings). In some places the road was so bad, that it was impossible to go faster than 30 km / h and a trailer on his father's car rode like a goat over bumps))

In our journey we had to drive to a small town in western Germany, 30 kilometers from the border with France, called Noenkirhen (which translates as 9 churches). There we perekontovalis friends and drove on. But just by a few ...

We went not fast, about 100-120 km / h. For 8-9 hours we reached the Votkinsk (600 km from Ekaterinburg) and decided to have lunch. We dined on the banks of the Votkinsk water basin that the river Kama. Nice ..... but dirty. It was hot, but the desire to climb into the water zasrat our companions desire arose.

But it's just me and sestruha)

Then we waited a long way over the vast expanses of our homeland. The beauty that surrounds us is simply impossible to describe, but this beauty was a neighbor and sad: the widespread devastation ((((.
On the way we encountered all sorts of monuments and sculptures. and that's one of them, but on the road we met such longer)))

Unfortunately no sfotkal all the way on the Moscow area, Moscow itself and beyond. I have to say - this is the most horrible place ... Over 100-150 km to Moscow have already developed many kilometer traffic jams. We are not in the common movement on the sidelines, but apparently in Moscow is the only way to move forward. When the roadside and is already, it opens and the traffic on the second row appears on the roadside. In general, you can f ** utsya. And about all those Moskovsie highway and especially Moscow and say nothing. This huge ring campaign is always 24 hours, 7 days a week, with a break for 2-3 hours nightly. Not a lot of pleasant ride on it)). Anyway, I continue.

And we already drove 300-400 km (stopped for Smolensk) and stopped for the night. Photo morning - breakfast. Those numbers will be overwritten and specifically, in addition to their (from strangers did not get permission))))))

And now will a series of pictures from Belarus. What sort of fucking expensive compared to Russia. But they of minerals only potatoes cost 150 rubles a sack in the season, unlike us. But the road is still better and cheaper petrol (((((Good Old Man))




there is still

In Babruysk)))))

After passing through the territory of another state a little more than 300 km., We badly wanted to have. And in contrast to Russia, where we quickly found a place where to stay.

All along the route, along the route there are pockets with tables and a toilet. And everywhere there chistooooooo, and I * ve ...

Here there are houses

And a toilet. It is tiled O_o

Well, all your I carried with me. Fridge, kettle, cooker and canned meat ... everything is there. cook there))

At each stop there are here such schemes.

Who cares, we are on the map marked with a cross)))

Well, get to know - our swallows))) And in the background is a German stopped to smoke, but for some reason left quickly)))))

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Sorry, but I need to get away for a while. As soon as I return continue my story))

Another calls for purity of the sign ...

And this is the real mother prepares dinner champions)) pasta with canned meat. Tasty and inexpensive.

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After we refreshed, we washed the dishes, and moved on.



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