Very nice people repaired someone else's car

I was not surprised when the disappointing close friends, accept with all ponimaniem- every man for himself, his own skin, and so on ... But it happened so that I can not get over it, someone skazhet- not heroism on fire, in short , judge for yourself.
Moscow, last night we turn to Kashirki Shipilovskaya on the street in front of the hotel in Milan tire peel off the lid, I have joked -as well, hardly drove and parked directly to repairers. Night, nowhere to go, and even brought a very sick woman the right thing (healthy box),
left the car, but so as not to interfere and left in a taxi.
In the morning, our friend, taking the car, found a note with the repaired wheel to boot. Maxim 100 points to karma exactly to our wishes in all that he wants to, if not prevent circumstances - thank))).
I think it could not get past the car with punctured wheel as past abandoned puppy))), and let someone tell you that our people are not the same as it should, here's the proof.

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