We are never going to live on Brezhnev

We are never going to live by Brezhnev. Apartments and villas at a time, "popular" cars - were "there". Free vouchers, medicine and education - are disappearing. There are at least 7 reasons to note today is the birthday of Leonid Brezhnev.


In the 70 years of the USSR favorably with those of many other states,
that produce almost everything from rocket launchers to their underwear.
And even if the products were often clumsy, and the clothes - is far from fashion standards,
But, as they say, its shirt closer to the body.

By 1980 the Soviet Union in terms of industrial production and agriculture
He took 1st place in Europe and 2nd in the world, second only to the United States. For example,
we have produced more than all the world's cement, and the Soviet agricultural,
although it was far from perfect, it was exported to 40 countries. Accusations,
that during the Brezhnev era "was hungry and cold," not quite wealthy. Yes, predict,
that once again disappear from store shelves, it was impossible.
Deficit and cronyism have become the norm of the Soviet people. St.
rim buy smoked sausage or buckwheat
rump in the province has been difficult, but still possible.
In addition, there was a welcoming and hospitable capital,
which could "spalyat" and "otovaritsya." And how chic seemed Christmas
table brought from the capital of sausage, peas and produced "in an unequal battle," "spider»!

In the Brezhnev years, the real incomes of Soviet citizens grew by more than half.
"Rest" Soviet society enjoy a quiet life, finding love for a comfortable life.
The population in these years has increased by 12 million people.
Epic standing in line for free housing for 162 million people is successful,
and if the rent that does not exceed 3% of the total family income,
life becomes more joyful, life becomes more fun. By the way,
say "thank you" can and during another trip to the skewers on a native 6 acres - probably,
their parents have received just in the Brezhnev years.

3 car - not a luxury
In 1970, at the Volga automobile plant began to produce a car "Zhiguli».
By the end of next year, the plant produced 735 cars daily. VAZ-2101,
popularly nicknamed "penny", it was really "get" through the "nimble" familiar
(as well as many other things) or to buy, standing in a queue.
Wait for the machine could be years or even decades,
but some events become the long-awaited purchase of "swallows"!
Of course, the car still had to save, but to do so it was really,
If tighten their belts. At least,
own car ceased to be a luxury and has lost the status of "pipe dream».

May 26, 1972, Brezhnev and Nixon signed the ABM Treaty,
which limited the ability of the two powers in the field of
missile defense, and virtually ruled out the possibility
impunity nuclear strike. After years of endless stress of waiting
another military conflict has come relatively peaceful time.
Five-day working week and two days off, many of us also owe the Brezhnev era.
At this time, there was also a guaranteed three-week paid vacation, which,
By the way, in the United States absent until now. Add to this the free or reduced
trips to resorts and children's camps, the lack of unemployment, free higher
education and health care, and all this against a background of relative stability,
then life in the Soviet Union seems almost fabulous.

1980 Olympic Games held in the Russian capital,
all remember for a long time. Soviet athletes won a record number of medals - 197,
including 80 gold. However, in fairness it should be noted,
that the balance might be different if the game did not boycott the US and its allies.
But should it be denied that the event was organized at the highest level.
This once again proved that the Russian people can make a "celebration of life" is often contrary.
We hope that we will manage to Sochi Olympics.

7 "The Golden Age»
"Velvet repression" - so called fight against dissidence,
which carries out the Brezhnev government.
When in 1968, Sakharov spoke of "gradual convergence of capitalism and socialism»,
it merely suspended from work. It is terrible to imagine,
what would be expected of the scientist in the Stalin era. Perhaps,
It was in the Brezhnev era fear almost completely left the hearts of Soviet citizens.
Many, of course, were disgusted with the endless "Leniniana" and official propaganda,
But as the environment is enriched by folk anecdotes for which is not afraid to get a real term.
During the period of stagnation of the best books were written Shukshina, Rasputin, Aitmatov Astafieva,
Strugatsky brothers. And the era of Brezhnev gave us great films Gaidai, Ryazanov,
Danelia, Tarkovsky: "Operation" Y "and other adventures Shurik" and "The Elusive Avengers»,
"Prisoner of the Caucasus" and "Beware of the Car", "There were two comrades" and "White Sun of the Desert»,
"Gentlemen of Fortune" and "Seventeen Moments of Spring," "That Munchhausen" and "Mimino».
Finally, the film, which is unthinkable without the Russian New Year - "Irony of Fate,

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