Gift for girlfriend

Here's a souvenir for your court friend. Maybe someone has laid out a long time did not go.

It has long wanted to do, all the time there. At the weekend it was -50 * C. Home bored and decided to keep him occupied.
Costs $ 0. All had at home: super glue master building (repair of left), tea couples gave for February 14 last year. Electrodes and paper money (which are thrown at weddings). Ribbon for the beauty of a bouquet of flowers, a few coins in his pocket and stale old bank card. In order to save (a souvenir two pieces) money and cards were cut.
I wanted to do by the rules to the wire, right angle and glue gun.
No glue gun, wire and the right angle would not have been because of the heavy mugs (outweighs the plate) ... because the electrode is bent this way. Future plans to add yellow coins.

7 photo.

Short description, although I think the pictures everything is clear:
1.Elektrod clean, bend, wrap adhesive medical tape (without it is not glued to the glass). 2. Place the electrode into the cup, pour plenty of glue to dry.
3. Stick in a circle denyuzhku (after bonding to the plate will be harder to get there).
4. Place on a plate and pour again all abundantly glue.
5. After drying decorate denyuzhku, penny.

You can make bulk pile of money if pasted paper mache electrode but in my case it was like falling subtly effect bills. A friend liked







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