MC Vspyshkin. laconic and funny

MS Vspyshkin aka Vladimir Turks (31 October 1936 - November 14, 2011) was one of the highlights of "electronic" musicians and perhaps the most prominent DJ.
I love this character. In addition to the excellent club music, he became famous for short jokes, which are inserted in their tracks, and later aired radio record.

Their I decided to put in the subject (like not found in the search, so it would seem, not an accordion, which is strange!)

We spread especially favorite!

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Perhaps I'll start slowly:

Say what you think and I'll tell you what.

Excuse me, what I say, when you interrupt.

Dad was in a hurry, telling his son the tale, so hare choked, but ate a Bun.

Owners of cars "Oka" infinite can look at three things: how antifreeze flows as lamp is not lit, and how to overtake other cars.

Why do men pee in the sink? Because they can.
After this fun Yulya Pago immediately wedged into the air with a replica: We are, among other things, also can. We have to do this, just jump up and everything.

Comet kills cockroaches, even if in a stronger hit.

Few people know that the car "Oka" rides on the battery from Nokia 3310

I am a guinea pig. Experienced rabbit.

The window in the clinic - Death Valley mayonnaise jars.

Neche to stick to blame, since it is not necessary yuesbi.

The duration of one minute, much depends on which side of the door to the toilet you are.

The best way to tuck the blanket in the duvet cover - put them together in a washing machine.

Yesterday was bad, too bad today, tomorrow certainly will be bad. It seems that the situation will stabilize.

Never ICQ does not replace live communication for this SMS.

Before the men were shooting at a meeting of his hat, and now pulled out of the ear earphone.

The series "The security agents of nationality┬╗.

Better once to give birth than shave every morning.

Eat peas - will open a second wind.

All humans are descended from apes. Some Chinese people - from rabbits.

Karuselschik was arrested for underage rotation.

Summer is almost come. With the first rays of sun began to sprout between the beds the most impatient grandmother.

Satellite plate with blue border.

Sometimes a state where the soul asks the body.



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