The rich man, poor man

Something long heard nothing from our terrible legitimate president. Exactly since he gave his second Rostov press conference: left face incubus, read, as always make a mistake, according to Freud, written text without a soul, and went nowhere, not allowing journalists no chance to ask a question.
They say he has a house on the ruble. Whether purchased in advance, or on the occasion, after a legitimate escape when his car was fired on the outside and inside of crap.
Looking at the video collections in the way of our former father of the nation, I could not find the words to convey a sense of disgust, I was overwhelmed. Imagine that you suddenly vlazit hand decayed bird carcass. Or biting an apple, a shiny rind which rot and pus. In general, the ugly.
I understand that human psychology, has risen from the pool of criminal mining town to the presidency, different from the usual. Not every man is able to pass this way. Usually, people raised from the bottom, a very strong personality. Break destiny in life to tear the throat out of the way to success after two walker in the area, it is, gentlemen, can not all. You know, when going on Independence everything that happened, I was afraid that Yanukovych showed character. A sort of lethal determination street fighter who "kraynyak" pulls out of his pocket sharpening or homemade barrel, and more ... Next is how to have: who and whom.

I think that snipers on Instytutska and was the same homemade barrel, but the president did not used it from fierce desire to win, and with fear and despair, and they are completely different things.
He was already thinking about how to escape. How to package cash? Is it possible to capture a new place favorite vase? Where to take the gold bars and coins? What else to take with them? After all, have run away a long time. Perhaps forever.
Demonstration video - bags, suitcases, boxes. Removal of the loot, natsarёvannogo, nadarennogo lackeys ...
Mikola, scho b ti robiv yak bi becoming king? Gers bi s fat bacon and potim vkrav bi hundred rubliv that vtik!
Psychology beggar who suddenly had the opportunity to take everything what could reach. The boy nedolyubili in childhood. Which the family is not getting any cheaper, even candy, not to mention completely inaccessible orange - the stories of neighbors Yanukovych family lived in extreme poverty - has decided to make up for everything. From this there is no cure - a way of thinking for life. A man with the psychology of the poor remain poor, no matter how much money he had in the end was not. He is only a little, not because he does not have, but because he has the ultimate goal is the possession. Tartuffe? Plyushkin? I do not know. But to use the resources of the whole country, not in order to become the most powerful or the most famous (there must be some purpose?), But in order to rob her corny - it must have a special umische.
Once he was punished for take off his hat. Over the banal hooliganism, reindeer-fawn gop-stop. The boy grew up and made gop-stop the whole country. I thought that with impunity, but it turned out otherwise.
In Rostov, he was dressed in an expensive suit, I'm small expert, but, like, Brioni. They say he loves shoes ostrich leather. But he looked sorry if it along with someone else's shoulder. Man is not in its place, for all these years - not in its place. Zavgara, stealing fuel. Well, okay, let District bonze, craving home envelopes with alms. As he was on top? How did he get there? Or, if you put the question differently: who helped him ascend upward?
Heard many versions about such highs, none not without Big Brother. Only the strong support could help twice tried to do a truly spectacular career. But the man who took such care will never be fully independent in decision-making. There compromising perpetual, eternal controls.
One may dress up in expensive clothes, collect gold bars, to build their own chapel with the relics of the donation, but, moreover, always remain small Gopnik.
Small Gopnik was used to pronouncing the correct formula - he asked Big Brother in the robbery of their country. Worked, ottantseval. Already knowing that no matter what no effect. Even nothing can spoil, not that correct. Was portraying significance not welcome in the thieves Rostov-dad did a clever face, and he himself ... once again betrayed - his fellow party members, their constituents, his wife - the most famous astronaut goddaughter, which began a rapid rise to power vertices .
It is interesting that felt by those who gave him the votes in the last election, watching as it ships in cheek pouches Money Stolen from them yet? Does any questions? Or have any questions for those who went to the pro-Russian rallies in those cities that have made this hamster president? Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson, Zaporozhye? Nothing was clear? Nothing has wavered? That he is now helping you. This is for him and his team try! All is not taken away from you, do not end up using. Still it is possible to transfer you to the patron who protects ... That's just from whom? From someone who bought a little house on the ruble and waiting for the moment to take Revash? To get back to you already posazhёnnym governor Little Russian provinces and dovorovat? Indeed, why should he land without subjects?
In the world there were many dictators and some of them are overthrown. Not all who have lost their warm seats, experienced a revolution, but those who found themselves in exile have always dreamed about returning. And they have always been supporters. There are those who like a whip, there are those who believe that any authority from God. There are those who do not need freedom - need stability.
Such people a lot, much more than you might think.
That sits in Rublev Tsarskoye Selo escaped retribution thief, sitting and waiting for the moment to return.
And he comes back, if people do not wise up. Will not be back himself - accompanied by an older brother who dreams of how to give us shortened. Crimea is no longer, but in Ukraine there is still a lot that will fit perfectly in the Russian economy. He'll be back with the active participation of the fifth column, which is now trying to open the gate in front of him. Return to compensate for the loss of his farm. Vindictive, angry, vengeful, humiliated.
And then I do not envy us all.


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