The day before the wedding (10 photos)

The day before her wedding a guy named Chad was in a serious accident.

The car flew off the road, rolled over several times and began to sink into the swamp.

The boy managed to get out of the car and walk to the near streets.

The action of adrenaline and shock forces gave the guy.

He was completely sober and, according to him, the only thought in my head was

"Tomorrow's Wedding", which he can not afford to miss.

When he reached home, he asked his mother to take him to the hospital, as back pain gradually intensified.

As it turned out, Chad was broken vertebra, and the doctor had forbidden him to even get out of bed until they are cured.

But this option is not satisfied with a guy who was looking forward to their wedding and could not "draw" his beloved.

He just said your doctor: "I'm sorry, but, this situation does not suit me, I'm getting married tomorrow!ยป

Amazing willpower!









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