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Rio de Janeiro was once the capital of Portugal. Thus, the Rio was the only capital city in the history of European states, are outside Europe.

The well-known in the world of boxing promoter Don King for his life killed two people. One of them he shot in the back when he was robbed of his underground casino. Another victim of the King became his assistant, whom he kicked to death hammered out for $ 600. King was convicted of murder, but later pardoned at the request of Jesse Jackson, Coretta Scott King (widow of Martin Luther King Jr.), and other influential people who signed the letter to the governor of Ohio.

Straight and wide boulevards of Paris were designed so that the artillery, where appropriate, make it easier to shoot rebellious crowd.

During a scientific experiment for a year, two men ate only meat. Their health is in no way affected.

At the end of the 80s in the Republic of Myanmar the economic crisis. The reason for this was the president's decision to ban circulation of bank notes, which are not divided into 9 (his favorite number).

The creator of the first practical Alfred Binet IQ test thought that any human intelligence can change over time and develop. He opposed the fact that his test was used to evaluate the standard of intelligence as a constant figure.

The research team, from Slovakia farmers engaged in the cultivation of soybeans in the contaminated area of ​​Chernobyl in order to observe how they are adapting. Plants have adapted to the new conditions in the first generation, producing a greater number of immune proteins, including those that are capable of protecting human blood from radiation.

For the filming of his movie "Lord of War" director Andrew Niccol has purchased 3,000 of these Kalashnikovs because they were cheaper sham.

Australian Aborigines have had a special form of execution, which was to conduct the ritual "curse" in relation to the offender. Very often, the "curse" died within a few days after that - so strong was the belief in the ritual.

Every year in the jaws of sharks killed, an average of five people. Meanwhile, people are killed each hour, an average of 11 thousand sharks.

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